What is Eyebrows microblading?

 What is Eyebrows microblading?

What is Eyebrows microblading?

What is eyebrow microblading? You may have heard the word over and over again. Eyebrow microblading is an advanced method of traditional tattooing. In this method, the empty and incomplete areas of the eyebrows are filled with implants in the skin and a look very similar to natural eyebrows is created. Eyebrow microblading is a permanent makeup method on the eyebrows that offers very natural and real results. This is done by special tools and by experts.

In 2014 and 2015, eyebrow microblading was given special attention in the permanent hairdressing industry. In less than two years of searching, the word “eyebrow microblading” increased by 50% compared to permanent makeup. This increase shows that in addition to technicians, customers also searched for this word to get more familiar and find answers to their questions.

Eyebrow microblading means shading and hatching the eyebrows with a tattoo pen and ink, which has unique subtleties and can easily change the shape of the eyebrows or make them symmetrical, and in short, make the face and eyebrows more beautiful.

This is done by a trained specialist. Using special tools in his surgeons, he draws lines accurately, using several small needles with hundreds of small strokes to add permanent pigment to the skin. These needles are different from standard eyebrow blades. Because each cycle is created by hand and creates a thin and natural line that combines with the hair in the eyebrows, which creates a texture that the person seems to have their own natural eyebrow hair.

Eyebrow microblading is a method of creating permanent makeup on the eyebrows. After eyebrow microblading, you should expect thick and full eyebrows. The results of microblading are very natural and real, and look more subtle. Microblading specialists are not necessarily tattoo specialists, their techniques are completely different.

 What is Eyebrows microblading?

What is microblading and how is it done? What are the advantages and disadvantages of microblading?

You must have heard of microblading in advertising and the virtual world. Microblading is a method in which lines are made on the skin using a “razor” or “blade”. In this method, the skin is cut using a razor and the pigments are placed in the underlying layers of the skin. In microblading, color transfer is higher than other methods because more of the dye in this method is placed in the subcutaneous layers.

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What are the advantages and features of microblading?

The lines created by microblading are closer to the natural form of eyebrow hair and create more natural results.

 What is Eyebrows microblading?

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What are the disadvantages and limitations of microblading?

Do not use any electrical force, automation to put color on the skin and only use physical pressure of the hand to create lines on the skin

Minimum color fastness

Difficult learning to achieve natural and lasting results

Hair follicles are thicker than natural eyebrow

Damage to skin tissue due to stretching of the razor blade on the skin with physical pressure of the hand

Non-uniformity of hand pressure at the beginning and end of the process

Causes pain in the wrist area for the user

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