How to go through the recovery period of liposuction? (part2)

How to go through the recovery period of liposuction? (part2)

How to go through the recovery period of liposuction? (part2)

Moderate pain can be expected during the first few days of recovery. Your surgeon may prescribe painkillers to help control the pain. So be sure to follow your medication plan.

During the first 24 hours, you may see fluid drain from the liposuction incisions. Do not worry it is normal. Bruising is also common. Contact your doctor immediately if there is a significant increase in pain or high fever.

You should also plan to limit your activities during this time. You should use a gun to reduce swelling in the first few weeks. The gun may restrict your movements. It is recommended to avoid any unnecessary activities for the first few days.

The first two weeks after surgery

For the first five days after surgery, you should wear jeans 24 hours a day. Just walk a little every two hours to prevent blood clots. This will help reduce inflation.

In addition to resting and drinking plenty of fluids, you should refrain from bathing or showering for up to a week. You can use a sponge to wash your body.

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For the next nine days, the gun should be worn 24 hours a day and removed for showering only. Light exercise such as walking or stretching should be part of your treatment plan.

One month after surgery

About a month after surgery, patients usually no longer feel pain. However, you may still see inflation, and that is normal. Because inflation can take months to subside completely. Keep in mind that as your swelling and bruising improve, your results will be determined. So be patient during this time.

After about four weeks, most people can resume light exercise, but any strenuous or strenuous activity should still be avoided. After six weeks, he is usually no longer the ancestor of the gun. However, your surgeon can remind you of this after a face-to-face examination.

The abdominal liposuction recovery period

Ways to help you get through this period faster:

Remove the salt. Salt increases swelling.

Eat protein.

Proper recovery requires proper nutrition. So do not forget to eat nutritious foods. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Exercise without increasing your heart rate. Walking at low speed is ideal.

Drink eight glasses of water daily.

Adequate comfort and sleep in the first few weeks after surgery is the best way to help your body recover.

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