Everything you need to know about alcohol Cetyl

alcohol Cetyl

There is a misconception about alcohol, a type of liquor that, like rubbing alcohol, dries the skin, which is quite the opposite. Alcohol has hydrating properties, provides oil and softens the skin. That is good for skin and hair. This alcohol is derived from vegetable oil fats such as coconut oil or palm oil; for this reason, it is also called Palmethyl alcohol. The name alcohol steel is derived from the Latin word Cetus, which means “whale oil” and is the substance from which it was initially derived.

How does alcohol Cetyl work?
When acetyl alcohol is added to natural cosmetics, which play the role of homogenizing naturally occurring components (emulsifiers), as an emollient, thickener, opaque element, and as a carrier of other ingredients, also used in chemical formulas, its properties cause oils and water to combine, which results in the production of a substance with a soft and ideal texture in the final product for the skin and hair. This alcohol must be added to the formulation by heating the product oils. The higher the consumption of citric drinking, the higher the concentration of the final product.

Everything you need to know about alcohol Cetyl

Application of stainless steel in shampoos and conditioners
This alcohol is used in these products as a moisturizer, emollient. Steel alcohol in these products has the role of increasing hair moisture and care against dry hair, preventing hair curling, increasing the ability to foam products, and the maximum dose in these products is recommended at 6%.

Application of stainless steel in cosmetic products
In these products it has softened and stabilizing properties. This substance is useful for softening the skin, creating balance and stability in the skin moisture without creating a layer of oil on the skin, holding cosmetic products on the skin and preventing the fall of cosmetic products. A maximum dose of 0.5 to 10% of stainless steel is recommended.

Application of stainless steel in moisturizers, facial cleansers, face masks, body cleansers
In these products, it is used for thickening, emulsifying, softening, moisturizing. Alcohol in these products increases the concentration of the formulation, improves the foaming capacity of products such as lotions, increases adhesion, soothes the skin, moisturizes and softens the skin, which is useful and effective in reducing itching, scaling and cracking of the skin. The maximum recommended dose of this substance is 3% for body lotion, 6% for face cream, 6% for face cleanser, 6% for a face mask and 6% for body cleanser.

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