What is Jett Plasma? everything about Jett Plasma !

Jett Plasma

Plasma Jett is an advanced technology used to tighten and lift the skin. This non-invasive method is used for shrinking the nose (nasal jett plasma), eyelid lift, tightening the skin on the neck and around the mouth, rejuvenating the hands, as well as removing moles and warts.

But how does a plasma jett work? This treatment works using “plasma”, which is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid, and gas. Plasma is an ionized gas that is highly charged and acts like a very small lightning bolt, evaporating and destroying excess skin. This action helps to shrink and shrink the skin by stimulating the cells of the skin membrane.

What is Jett Plasma?

Removing excess tissue and generated heat effectively tightens the skin and enhances the collagen production process. This is done by a low-temperature plasma jett machine. Therefore, it can be used on the face and body. Because the flow is continuous in one direction, the depth and size of the plasma flow can be controlled for better quality treatment and results.

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What is nasal jett plasma? and What is Jett Plasma ?

Plasma nasal jett helps to shrink the nose a lot. Plasma jett nose is one of the most popular applications of this treatment method that has extraordinary effects. In this procedure, the doctor marks very small spots next to each other on the skin of the nose and burns them with a plasma jett device. The depth of this burn is superficial and after a few days, it heals and causes the skin of the nose to shrink.

For those who have a fleshy nose, given that rhinoplasty may not work well for them, a plasma fleshy nose jett may be the best way to shape and shrink their nose. The results obtained using this method will be very ideal and even beyond your imagination.


Plasma jett are often compared to aggressive methods and cosmetic procedures. The advantages of this method are:

There is no risk of cosmetic surgery. This procedure is performed without bleeding.

It does not thin the skin.

Strengthens collagen production of the skin.

It significantly saves you money.

The results are quite natural.

You can see the results right away.

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