Very important and effective rules for having healthy scalp

healthy Scalp

Very important and effective rules for having healthy scalp

The Scalp is an essential part of the body because any damage to the skin in this area affects hair growth; here are some tips for having healthy Scalp:

Essential points about Scalp care

Hair and skincare professionals have recommendations for Scalp health. Here are some suggestions from a UK dermatologist.

Keep the Scalp clean

The Scalp sweats like the skin of the body, and if you use health products, the accumulation of these substances on the skin will increase, so you need to wash your Scalp with a suitable shampoo. It is better not to leave the shampoo for more than three days because dirt causes your hair to fall out.

hair washing

Dealing with dandruff

If you use detergents containing salicylic acid or peritoneum, at least twice a month, leave the anti-dandruff shampoo on your scalp for two to three minutes and then rinse with water.

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Protect your Scalp from the sun

Dermatologist Dr. Angeli Mato believes that people with thinning hair should use sunscreen or wear a hat.


Do not change your hairstyle regularly

Tying and using a simple hair care method helps protect the hair strands, while continually changing the hair’s shape damages the hair follicles and is even said to cause alopecia.

hair style

Choose the right comb

Choose the right comb. If your condition has just improved and new hair has grown, use gentle combs.

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