The story of day and night cream in the market

The story of day and night cream in the market

The story of day and night cream in the market

What is the story of day and night cream in the market? Over the years, various methods have been used to persuade women to purchase a range of skin care cosmetics, rather than an all-purpose cosmetic. One of the first marketing techniques used by cosmetic companies was to suggest that a cream applied during the day should be different from one applied at night.

 Beauty Routines

The idea of ​​applying skin cream overnight is an ancient one and is partly based on the misconception that skin can repair itself better at night than during the day. Every wise woman will pay attention to the needs of her complexion before going to bed, because night is the time when nature can best repair the ravages of time and circumstance.

Protecting skin

Applying a cream in the morning to protect the skin from the effects of the weather when going out made sense and, if a cream has contributed to the repair of the skin, repeated use also seemed sensible. The most convenient time for women to do this was during their morning and evening ablutions. Aside from the special skin preparations recommended by early “complexion healers” for blackheads, pimples, and other  blemishes, the most common skin cream used in morning and morning skin care regimens At night of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries it was cold cream.

The story of day and night cream in the market

Cream or oil

Rough skin caused by wind riding, rowing or sailing is a problem for many women who will be happy to know that it can be treated at night by applying cold cream or glycerin washed off in the morning with a fine carbolic soap. Presentable breakfast table. Without looking like women following the hunting dogs, she was scared and burned. The easiest way to avoid the dire effects of exposure to the sun and wind, which can occasionally avenge the neglect of the fair sex that is shown too often, is to thoroughly rub the face, neck and arms with cold cream or pure almond oil before.

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Cold creams

Cold creams were greasy and therefore generally unsuitable for daytime use due to their tendency to “glow” – a condition that affects many women with dust-covered oily skin. This problem was alleviated with the introduction of stearate or disappearing creams. What is the story of day and night cream in the market? These first appeared in the 1890s and were widely used in the 1920s.

Cosmetic companies

Of all the skin creams that have been introduced in recent years, without a doubt, the ones that are variously called day creams, the snow, mousse, and vanishing creams rank first. As more and more cosmetic companies began adding a disappearing cream to their skincare lines, differences were gradually discovered in how the two creams were used. Cold creams were typically used as an overnight cleanse or to perform a facial massage, while disappearing creams were typically used during the day to protect the skin and as a base for face powders.

Clean and massage

Pond’s Cold Cream is made with the purest ingredients that have been specially selected for their softening and cleansing properties. It is oil-based and designed for night use. What is the story of day and night cream in the market? Pond`s Vanishing Cream was specially developed to protect and permanently refine the skin. The skin absorbs it quickly and forms a thin invisible layer.

The story of day and night cream in the market

Day cream, night cream

What is the story of day and night cream in the market? At the beginning of the 20th century, when the cosmetics market was much simpler than it is today, some cosmetic companies only had  two creams in their  range of skin care products, a cold cream and a  cream of disappearance, and they differentiated them by making their disappearance cream one called “day cream” and its cold cream a “night cream”. Selling one cream helped sell the other.

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Importance of day cream & night cream

So one salesperson helps and even challenges the other. It only remains to highlight the importance of using both creams with the same perfume. Women like to appreciate this, since they know how easy it is for a perfume to be killed by another with whom it does not “sympathize”.

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