The fantastic benefits of baobab for your skin


Baobab, also known as Adansonia, has eight different species, six of which grow on Madagascar’s island in East Africa, one on the Arabian Peninsula and the other in the deserts of Australia, so it is clear that this particular plant the climate is dry and desert. Growing in dry climates has caused the baobab plant to have a unique ability to store water in its tissues.

What is Baobab?

This plant can grow up to 18 meters, and its trunk diameter may increase up to 12 meters. Baobab is known in ancient African mythology as the “tree of life” because each baobab tree can live up to 500 years. Baobab fruit is an edible fruit known as monkey bread and is used in the preparation of various medicines, foods and cosmetics.

The Amazing Benefits of Baobab

Antioxidant properties:
Believe it or not, baobab has twice the antioxidant properties of pomegranate and raspberry and raspberry family, and therefore can be the best protector for damaged skin. So if your skin is damaged due to ageing or lack of skincare at a young age, it is better to use products that contain baobab extract to restore the youth and beauty of your skin.
Treatment of dry skin: As we said, baobab has extraordinary power in absorbing and retaining moisture and can deliver this moisture to your skin and maintain it. Therefore, if you suffer from dry skin, it is better to use moisturizing products containing baobab oil and use them as moisturizers for your skin and face.

Increase collagen production:
Baobab extract contains large amounts of vitamin C, and as you know, this vitamin and beneficial antioxidant play an essential role in skin collagen production. So if you are looking for radiant and fresh skin and want to restore your skin’s youth and beauty, it is better to use products that contain this natural oil to increase collagen in the underlying layers of your skin.

Nail strengthening:
One of the fantastic and unexpected properties of the baobab is its ability to treat cracks and dry nails because baobab extract contains large amounts of proteins involved in regenerating and moisturizing nail tissue. So if you suffer from dry and brittle nails, be sure to use baobab oil to treat them.

Hair strengthening:
With its excellent moisturizing and collagen-making properties, it is not surprising that this substance can also play a role in strengthening and regenerating hair. To take advantage of these great properties, mix one-third of a cup of jojoba oil with one-third of a cup of baobab oil and ten to twelve drops of lavender extract to make a nutritious combination for silky hair.

Reduce skin stretch marks:
Stretch marks are white lines that commonly occur in pregnant women and obese women. Baobab oil with high amounts of vitamins and collagen can increase skin elasticity and reduce these stretches’ effect by softening the skin.

Treatment of dry lips:
If you are looking for an intense lip balm to treat dry lips, we recommend using baobab oil. This oil can remove cracks and flakes of the lips and give you soft and voluminous lips.

Eczema relief:
One of the unique properties of baobab oil is its anti-inflammatory properties, a common problem. This oil cures redness and itching, and with both topical and oral use, you can see its positive effect in the treatment of eczema. (Powder for oral use and oil for topical use)
Gentle cleansing of the skin: Like most other natural oils such as tea tree oil and jojoba oil, baobab oil not only has a strengthening and nourishing effect, but this oil can gently exfoliate the skin. Just massage this oil on wet skin and wash with lukewarm water and witness the natural glow of your skin.

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