Some tips for your daily skincare

Some tips for your daily skincare

Some tips for your daily skincare

To have good skin, we need to spend some time for this dear friend. Dear friends, we must take good care of it throughout our lives. In this way, by doing daily care, you define a periodic and routine program for your skin that contributes to the freshness and health of your facial skin. It goes without saying that skin care routines are not just for the face, and it is better to have regular care programs for the body, arms and legs. Keep in mind that with this skin care method, you do not need to spend a lot of money, and only by planning and performing these methods regularly, your facial skin will be in a good condition. Keep in mind that just having a good gene does not make you have good skin and you need to take care of your this article we are going to provide Some tips for your daily skincare. join us

Here are some tips for your daily skincare

Public bans on skin care routines

In general, before categorizing the types of facial skin types, we need to address a few general points to take care of different skin types. It does not matter if the skin on your face is oily, dry or combination, in any case, the items listed here are among the prohibitions for skin care, add enough attention to nutrition and adequate sleep.

Do not smoke; Smoking causes dullness and dullness of the facial skin and is one of the causes of excessive dryness. On the other hand, prolonged smoking causes wrinkles and thinning of your facial skin.

Do not sleep with makeup; The skin needs to breathe and the presence of several layers of creams and cream powders on the face prevents it from breathing.

Minimize fried foods; If we want to be realistic, we must say that in order to have good skin, we must draw a line around fried foods, especially fast food. But with today’s fast-paced lives, and given the time many people spend outside the home, our friendly advice is to minimize the use of ingredients cooked in reusable oils.

Some tips for your daily skincare

Skin care routine based on skin type

The answer to this question will change the methods and cases of daily and routine skin care of your face. At any age, your skin is one of these types: normal, dry, oily, combination (or combination) and sensitive. Each of the five skin types has its own care methods and cleansing products.

Normal skin:

The skin color is uniform and has a natural freshness, and the owners of this skin type are faced with the least amount of increase or decrease in fat and moisture. In addition, pores are difficult to see in this type of skin.

dry skin :

People with dry skin experience dehydration, redness, itching, and sometimes cracking. Due to the reduction of moisture created in the skin, they should take more care of wrinkles than others.

greasy skin:

People with oily skin are prone to various types of pimples (blackheads and whiteheads). Open pores and constant glare are other disadvantages of this skin type.

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Mixed skin:

People with combination skin complain of excess fat on the forehead, nose and sometimes chin, while they have dry or normal skin on the rest of the face. Problems such as pimples, constant shine and open pores are disadvantages of combination or combination skin.

The right way for your skin care routine

Facial skin care is a regular task and it is better to take care of it twice a day and night.

5 daily skin care routines

1. Clean first

The first step in daily skin care is to properly and thoroughly cleanse it of all kinds of impurities. Depending on your skin type, you can use foams, gels or wet wipes. Of course, be careful when using wipes and do not rub it firmly on your face. If your facial skin is not dry, oily or combination, you can use only lukewarm water for daily washing.

2. Apply toner later

The property of toners (or skin tonics) is to restore the skin’s pH to a balanced and proper state that may be disturbed by the use of cleansers. This way, using a toner that fits your skin type will restore the lost moisture. Using toner for oily, dry and combination skin is one of the things that helps you have a more balanced skin.

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3- Now moisturizer

After these two steps, it is time to use a moisturizer. It is better to use moisturizers that use collagen in their formula and are not perfumes. If you are in your 30s, you can also use a variety of day creams at this stage.

4- Do not forget the eye cream

5. Apply sunscreen

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