Skin problems due to the use of fabric masks and n95 (part2)


The use of a mask is a mandatory option because the safety and health of others and ourselves is more important than having beautiful skin. Fortunately, there are tricks to taking care of your skin to prevent and treat skin irritation associated with the mask. Here are some tips and tricks along with their soothing instructions that you can do at home:

1. When using a mask, use a light moisturizer:

One of the reasons that irritates the skin is the excess moisture that is trapped in the skin. If you use a strong moisturizer every day before using the mask, you should know that it worsens skin irritations.

Suitable solutions to eliminate skin irritations caused by continuous use of the mask

Instead, use a moisturizer with a lighter texture, such as a moisturizing gel, which is also true for people with oily, combination or normal skin.

2. Wash your face only with lukewarm water:

If you wash your face immediately after returning home and removing the mask, it may actually cause more irritation because when you wash your face, you deprive the skin of some of its oil barrier.

Take a few minutes and then use lukewarm water without soap or cleanser, without wipes and cleansing liquids to soothe the skin and reduce redness, cuts and dry wounds that may appear after applying the mask. After finishing the work, dry the skin gently with a soft and clean towel.

3. Change or wash your mask regularly:

It does not matter what mask you use, whether it is a disposable surgical mask or N95 or a cloth mask! You should replace or wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and usually after one use. If you use reusable fabric masks, you should preferably wash them in the washing machine after each use.

In addition, pay attention to the detergents you use to wash the cloth mask, and use hypoallergenic detergents such as those intended for infants and children, and avoid scented detergents and emollients. , Because the perfume can cause more irritation or even an allergic skin reaction.

See your doctor if you suspect that the mask is causing an allergic reaction and you may see swollen red pimples on your skin, nose, mouth and eyes that are red or irritated.

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