Properties of coconut oil: exfoliating along with skin softness

Properties of coconut oil

One of the most common problems for women is finding the right exfoliator, and it costs a lot of money to do so.  You can solve the problem by buying a glass of pure coconut oil.  The same glass is a “three in one” product, meaning moisturizer, shaving cream and suitable exfoliator.

Mix half a cup of coconut oil with a cup of brown sugar or sea salt.  This is a 100% natural exfoliating cream that also contains moisturizer.  It is better to use sea salt and add a few drops of oily extract such as lavender or vanilla oil extract.  You will see your skin become clear, clean and fragrant.

Properties of coconut oil: makeup remover and skin softener:

If you know that coconut oil removes makeup from your face easily and at the lowest cost, will you go back to expensive products?  In addition to removing the cream from the face, this oil also removes the remnants of mascaras rubbed on the eyelashes

Pour a few drops of coconut oil on the makeup remover pad and gently rub it on the skin and behind the eyes, like the same makeup products available in stores.  Let the oil completely cover the cosmetics.  Then gently remove any cosmetic residue and daily dust from your skin.  Fortunately, coconut oil is a natural ingredient and can be used to cleanse around the eyes.

Who should not use coconut oil?

While research shows that coconut oil can be good for skin health, using it on the skin may not be ideal for everyone.

For example, people with oily skin may want to avoid this because it may clog pores and cause blackheads. As with most cases, trial and error may be the best way to determine if coconut oil works for you. Also, if you have sensitive skin, use a small amount or try to apply it only on a small area of​skin to make sure it does not irritate clogged pores.

However, eating and cooking with coconut oil is usually not a problem for most people. It is said that if you have oily or very sensitive skin, add coconut oil to your diet to enjoy its benefits.

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