Natural and homemade versions for beautiful and clear oily skin(part2)

beautiful skin

Adequate sleep

One of the chronic diseases of working women is staying up late, which can lead to a lack of sleep the next day and cause a lot of stress and fatigue at work. Prolonged waking causes hormonal changes, stimulating melanin grain proliferation – the main cause of dark skin. So to have beautiful skin, you need to go to bed earlier and get enough sleep – at least 8 hours a day.

Honey wax

We can not ignore the effect of wax. Honey wax has a great effect on moisturizing the skin and makes the skin smooth and white and minimizes the effects of environmental factors on the skin. If you know how to use the right wax, it will have a great effect on the skin and will help you to have a better antibacterial ability.

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When you need to use it, take a small amount of wax and leave it in the refrigerator for about 1 to 2 hours. In the meantime, take 30 grams of sheep fat, beat it, and mix vegetable oil and wax. Apply the mixture on the face before going to sleep. This beauty method will help you to have smooth skin if you use it regularly.


The quickest way to help your skin rejuvenate is regular exfoliation. This helps the skin to quickly get rid of dead skin cells that are living on the surface and help regenerate the skin and keep it fresh and clean. You need to remember to use skin exfoliating solutions that have a special softness and are suitable for your skin to avoid unnecessary damage.


Chocolate contains flavonoids – antioxidants that can protect the skin from sunburn, improve blood circulation, retain skin moisture and reduce skin burns. However, you should eat chocolate on a balanced diet but do not overdo it.

Radiance and clarity of oily skin in summer

Moisturize the skin

If you are sleep deprived, excellent moisturizers can be a good savior for the skin. Lack of moisture makes the skin look dull and pale. So do not be lazy, add moisture to the skin every day. You can start each morning with a large glass of water and drink some vitamin C solutions, such as lemon juice.


This is probably the easiest home method to brighten the skin that you can use to lighten the skin. However, it is very effective within minutes. All you have to do is use ice and rub your whole face (if ice is not available, you can replace it with cold water soaked in a towel). Ice stimulates and strengthens the circulation of blood vessels, shrinks pores, and refreshes the skin quickly.

Sweet potatoes

They contain vitamin C, potassium, and beta-carotene, which can lighten the skin naturally. According to recent studies, sweet potatoes rank first in nutritional value compared to other vegetables. Therefore, you should often add sweet potatoes to your daily diet and also drink a glass of water to increase the number of vitamins for the beauty of the skin.

Carrot juice

We can not deny the sweet taste of carrot extract, and this root vegetable can help the body recharge a large amount of vitamin A. Just 250 ml of carrot extract will provide 20,000 mg of vitamin A, which can help improve eye vision and prevent dry skin.

Carrot extract is also a great recommendation for treating acne because it has a strong liver detoxifying effect. Besides, carrots are very rich in vitamin C, which nourishes the skin to prevent the darkening of the skin.

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