How to get rid of black spot on your nose?

How to get rid of black spot on your nose?

How to get rid of black spot on your nose?

Blackheads are one of the most common skin problems that appear mostly on the nose and destroy the beauty of the face. The treatment for these pimples is different from whiteheads. People often go to a dermatologist for the treatment of blackheads or try different types of traditional medicine creams.

There are different ways to treat blackheads, but sometimes due to the length, the treatment period becomes boring. In this article, we have brought methods to get rid of black spots on your nose that are very comfortable. And at home and in a short time you can do these methods to get rid of black spot on your nose.

There are several reasons that cause black spots on your nose:

Poor nutrition


Hormonal changes

Improper hygiene

Genetic factors

How to get rid of black spots on your nose?

You should wash your face twice a day after exercising.

It is safe to say that this is not the first time you have heard that regular facial cleansing will help treat acne. It is a good idea to wash your face even in the morning with a mild cleanser to remove any dirt or bacteria (which may have formed on your skin overnight).

Be careful not to over-wash your skin, as it removes the skin’s beneficial oil (sebum) and as a result the skin produces more fat to compensate.

 Wash your pillow at least once a week.

Another way to prevent blackheads is to wash your pillow. This removes dead skin cells and excess fat left on your face every night.

 Do not throw your hair on your face and try not to touch your face too much.

Hair contains contaminants and microorganisms that can settle on your face or nose and cause skin inflammation. Therefore, it is better to avoid hair contact with your face.

Also, try not to touch your hands with your face or nose. Hands carry impurities and germs that can settle on your face and cause fat to build up and blackheads to form.

How to get rid of black spot on your nose?

Nasal patches can be effective.

Nasal patches temporarily remove a layer of skin. This layer contains fats and oxidized contaminants that have formed blackheads. However, nasal patches do not prevent blackheads from coming back, as they cannot regulate the production and secretion of sebum by your skin.

Of course, nasal patches can also be harmful. While these adhesives can temporarily shrink the appearance of pores; But they can also eliminate important natural fats and hair follicles that are good for the skin.

Never squeeze or rub blackheads.

Never squeeze pimples, especially pimples on the nose. This can cause the skin of your nose to become inflamed, infected, and even scarred. In addition, when using scrubs, avoid severely rubbing the surface of blackheads; This is because it leads to tenderness and inflammation at the site of the boil.

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 Use non-greasy sunscreen.

Applying oily sunscreen on skin that has pimples and acne due to excessive oil looks strange; But regardless of the type of skin you have (oily, dry or sensitive), be sure to use a non-greasy sunscreen. Fortunately, there are also lean products that effectively block UVA and UVB rays.


You may think of coarse and strong scrubs when you hear peeling. This can actually make acne worse. Fortunately, there are a number of mild chemical peels to use. Look for exfoliators that contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs).

These exfoliators are mild acids that help remove dead skin cells and prevent blackheads. They cleanse the skin and help other products to penetrate better and be more effective on the skin.

How to get rid of black spot on your nose?

Try topical retinoids.

Topical retinoids are derived from Vitamin A and have been shown to help relieve acne. Topical retinoid creams and gels are available at pharmacies. Retinol increases the regeneration of skin cells and may also reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

It should be noted that pregnant women should avoid retinol; Because too much vitamin A in their body can prevent the fetus from growing properly. If you are pregnant, you can try using rosehip or rose hip oil instead of retinol for similar effects.

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 Try salicylic acid gel.

Salicylic acid can help remove the creatine that clogs pores and causes blackheads. This gel is also an effective exfoliator; But only use it on areas with white or blackheads. Taking this gel for your whole body can lead to salicylate poisoning.

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