How to find a sun cream after swimming pool

How to find a sun cream after swimming pool

How to find a sun cream after swimming pool

Facts have proved: surprisingly easy, especially when swimming. So how to find a sun cream after swimming pool? Sunscreen is a useful product to protect yourself from sunburn. Sunscreen is not a product that you can forget when you put it on. When you step into the water, you need to adjust your daily sun protection habits, especially if this is your first time to the beach or swimming pool since last summer.

Choose the right product

How to find a sun cream after swimming pool? If you have never paid too much attention to the label on your sunscreen, then this summer is the time. How to find a sun cream after swimming pool Sunscreens are regulated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, and many requirements must be reviewed before sunscreens can be approved.

If you are in a hurry, here is what you absolutely want to see on the label; SPF 30 or SPF 50!

Broad Spectrum, which means that sunscreen can filter and prevent UVA and UVB radiation.

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You don’t want to put the small spots of sunscreen on your skin. Basically, sun protection is indeed a situation where you want to work hard or stay in a home where the sun cannot find it.  Be generous when squeezing sunscreen from the bottle. If you want to learn about the technology, download the SunSmart app from the Australian Cancer Council for iOS and Android. It comes with a sun protection calculator to make sure you apply enough.

How to find a sun cream after swimming pool

Insufficient use

If you don’t have a mobile phone, the goal for each arm or leg is a teaspoon, don’t be afraid to really try. Basically, there is no special harm in over-application of sunscreen, and there are many disadvantages in insufficient use.

 20 minutes before entering the water

If you apply sunscreen to clean, dry skin about 20 minutes before entering the water, the sunscreen will be most effective. If you really can’t wait to get into the water, apply sunscreen at home and apply it when you travel.

Two types of sunscreens

There are two different types of sunscreens that can protect you from UV rays. The first type creates a physical barrier that blocks and reflects ultraviolet light in the same way as white walls reflect light, and it contains things such as zinc cream, where sunscreen is obvious. The second sunscreen provides a chemical barrier that can absorb and filter ultraviolet radiation, which is not obvious to the naked eye.

How to find a sun cream after swimming pool

 Reapply every hour

Sunscreen is waterproof and not waterproof, which means it will not last forever after swimming. If you are on land, you should reapply it every two hours, because the combination of sweat and skin absorption takes about this long to make the first layer you applied disappear. Even if water-resistant sunscreen is applied in the water, the sunscreen will wear out faster.

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Regular replacement of sunscreen

Every sunscreen bottle has an expiration date, which is very important. This is easy to overlook, because sunscreen is not food, but the active ingredients in sunscreen that really protect you from the sun will degrade over time.  Even if you pay attention to the expiration date, you can take many measures to reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen.

Make sure you have a backup plan to protect your skin

Sunscreen is a very useful tool to protect your skin from the sun. In fact, increasing daily use of sunscreen in Queensland will greatly help reduce the state’s high risk of melanoma by 75% and reduce the incidence of squamous cell carcinoma by 40%. Sunscreen is very effective, it can’t complete the task of protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays.


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