How to choose the best facial cleanser based on skin type?

Having healthy and beautiful skin takes effort and money. One of the most important things to know about healthy skin is that you should always keep it clean. These days, there are different types of facial cleansers in the market, each of which has its own characteristics and benefits and is suitable for a specific type of skin. To get to know the types of facial cleansers.

What exactly does the facial cleanser do for the skin?

Maybe you have been asked what exactly the facial cleanser does for the skin and despite the body shampoo and various types of soap, what do we need for cleansers?

It doesn’t matter what skin type you have or what skin care routine you follow, cleansing the skin is the most important step in your skin routine. Cleansing the face not only removes impurities and prevents acne, but also increases the effectiveness of other care products. Daily washing of the skin makes it soft and supple and gives you a beautiful and glowing skin.

Types of facial cleansers

The first step to be able to choose the best product for your skin is to know the types of products and choose the best one according to their features. There are different types of facial cleansers in the market, each of which has its own characteristics and benefits, and some of them are more suitable for a certain type of skin.

The most common types of facial cleansers are:

  1. Micellar water

As the name of this product suggests, it is a diluted solution that is suitable for all skin types. In fact, the most important feature of micellar water is that everyone can use it without worry. Micellar water may be water-based or oil-based. The main task of micellar water is to clean the face from impurities and the rest of cosmetic products.

Micellar water consists of ingredients that are very mild and no harsh and unpleasant chemicals are used in it. For this reason, using this product does not irritate the skin. Micellar water is a multipurpose product that both cleans and hydrates the skin.

  1. Scrub

Facial scrubs are products that are usually produced in the form of gel or cream. This product can exfoliate dead skin cells and deep pollution. Scrubs usually contain small grains that help the pores of the skin to be freed from pollution. After using the scrub, your skin will feel fresh and alive.

To get the best results from this product, it is better to use it together with other facial cleansers. Using the scrub two to three times a week is enough. Excessive use of scrubs causes the skin to become sensitive and irritated. If you have sensitive skin, the situation becomes much worse.

  1. Foam

One of the types of facial cleansers are foams. Washing foam is suitable for those with oily and acne-prone skin. This product is designed to penetrate deep into the skin pores and has effective ingredients to prevent acne. Foams have different uses, but usually most of them have anti-acne properties.

Of course, face wash foam is not only for oily skin. This product may be designed for different skin types. But it is more suitable for those with oily and combination skin. Those with dry or sensitive skin may not need deep pore cleansing.

  1. Toner

Toners are products that are used in skin care routines after face wash or face wash. Toners are thin liquids that have a high power in cleaning dirt, especially fat.

This product drains skin pores and makes them smaller. Using toner creates a pH balance in the skin. In fact, toner prepares the skin to accept other skin care products. If you usually see small pimples and blackheads on your face, especially on your nose, regular use of toner can solve this problem.

  1. Creamy cleansers

Cream cleansers are those products that have a higher concentration. Face cleansing creams have a great ability to hydrate the skin. If you have dry skin and the use of other facial cleansers and cleansers makes it more dry, be sure to try one of the types of cream cleansers.

To get the best results from this product and clean your face completely, you can use this product together with toner and moisturizer.

  1. Washing gels

Washing gels are suitable for people with sensitive skin. Because gels are usually very mild and do not irritate the skin at all or their irritation level is not significant. This product penetrates deeply into the skin and has a great ability to exfoliate. Face wash gel is the best option for removing fats, bacteria and other types of pollution.

Which facial cleanser is best for you?

Despite all the variety of face washes, you are probably confused to choose the best product. Choose these products according to your skin type.

Uneven and dull skin

If your skin is dull and dark spots have appeared on it, you need a cleanser that not only cleans the skin, but also exfoliates and contains skin lightening ingredients. A scrub cleanser can remove the top layer of the skin, which includes dead skin cells, from the face so that you have clear and beautiful skin.

The removal of dead cells from the skin in addition to brightening it, makes you have a more even skin. Apart from peeling, there is another product that helps to solve your skin problems. Face wash foam can clean the pores of the skin and prevent acne. Continuous acne causes dark spots on the skin.

Dry skin

People with dry skin should avoid face washes that contain a lot of alcohol. If your skin is prone to flaking, use hydrating products. Micellar water and facial cleansing creams are the best option for dry skin. With these products, you will have soft and healthy skin and the effectiveness of other skin care products will increase.

Greasy skin

If you have oily skin, it is better to choose a cleanser that has a lower pH level. Foam cleansers and washing gels are more suitable for oily skin because they can penetrate deeply into the skin. Of course, face wash foams and gels are produced for different skin types. Even if you have normal and dry skin, you can find a suitable foam for your skin.

Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin should avoid detergents that contain a lot of sulfates. For skin that is irritated very quickly, you should use products that are gentler and soften the skin while being clean. For these people, micellar water, cream and other products without fragrance are suitable.

Acne-prone skin

If you want to have acne-free skin, choose those types of facial cleansers that can penetrate the pores of the skin and remove impurities. Washing foams, scrubs, and toners can effectively remove deep skin impurities and prevent any acne from forming. Anything that can clog pores can cause breakouts. The best way to prevent pimples is to use products that deeply clean the skin pores.

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