HIFU therapy is the latest method of skin rejuvenation (Part1)

HIFU therapy is the latest method of skin rejuvenation (Part1)

There are many methods to remove the skin, the most successful of which has been lifting, but well, skin lifting due to hard surgery and exhausting recovery period, and on the other hand, the existence of a long post-operative suture between people as it should not be able to open. However, do not worry, with the advancement of science, you no longer need to take such a dangerous step to return youth to your skin, because HIFU therapy is completely laser and no razor will be used in this cosmetic procedure. Join us to learn more about HIFU therapy and to answer your questions:

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1 – How does a HIFU therapy device (double) work?

Nothing happens if you hold the paper in the sun, but if you use a magnifying glass, you can focus the light waves in a very small spot by focusing the light. In addition, by continuing to do so, that spot will become hotter and hotter, and by continuing, to focus on That focal point of the sun’s rays can burn the paper. HIFU therapy technology can focus ultrasound waves in the underlying layers of the skin in the same way.

2. How can HIFU therapy penetrate deep into the skin without causing any sores or redness?

The value and importance of HIFU therapy are in this unique feature that the outer surface of the skin remains intact. The reason for this phenomenon is that the energy of these waves is so high that it can cause burns at the point of contact with the skin surface, but when these waves deep in the skin They can intersect and focus on each other. They can intensify and strengthen each other. The focus of ultrasound waves at a depth of 1.5 to 4.5 mm on the skin causes the heat of 65 to 70, and this heat causes coagulation at that point. Collagen fibers and cells to better understand the mechanism of HIFU therapy. Referring to the micro device, of course, microwave waves continuously, (several minutes) target the food. However, in HIFU therapy, the duration of ultrasound waves to each of the target points is only a fraction of a second, and the next adjacent points are immediately followed by HIFU therapy devices are targeted for firing, so the outer surface remains completely healthy and uncomplicated, as everything happens under the skin.

3 – What are the effects of HIFU therapy?

Usually, the patient feels the skin stretch more at the same time as HIFU, but the results are better after 2 months and the healing process continues for the next 6 months, and the person will see more effects in tightening and tightening the face and neck.

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