Cocoa butter benefits

Cocoa butter benefits

Help improve heart health

Researchers today know that plant-based saturated fats are beneficial in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.  The polyphenols in cocoa butter have been shown to help reduce inflammatory markers involved in atherosclerosis, which is why cocoa is considered an anti-inflammatory food.  Cocoa also seems to help with fat metabolism and is associated with a reduced risk of side effects such as heart attack.

It should be noted that while cocoa butter contains some polyphenols and other antioxidants, it is not as dry as cocoa powder.  Cocoa butter and powder are produced during the secondary processing, resulting in cocoa powder which indicates a higher polyphenol content than cocoa butter or fat solids.

Increase safety

Many studies have shown that plant polyphenols have antioxidant capabilities in the immune system, fighting inflammation, DNA damage and cell mutations, which are the main causes of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases.  Can lead to fatigue.

Using cocoa butter with refined vegetable oils can reduce inflammation in general and help with hormonal balance and brain health – while acting as a booster of the immune system.

What about cocoa butter about skin stretch marks and cracks?

All over the web, one of the most popular uses of cocoa butter is to prevent or treat stretch marks, especially during pregnancy.  Does this method really work?  Overall, the results of the study on its effectiveness for stretch marks are mixed.

Many people have noticed an improvement in stretch marks after using them, but some studies have shown that women did not improve significantly with cocoa butter lotion compared to placebo treatments.  There is no harm in trying to prevent stretch marks, especially if the skin is normally dry.

Cocoa butter compared to Xia butter

Since they are good for the skin, it may be really preferable to use it with shea butter and cocoa butter on the skin.  Both are moisturizing and old-fashioned methods used to treat cracked lips or dry skin.  You can use both on sensitive skin, such as those with eczema or psoriasis.

The difference is in the smell and how they are used.  Many people prefer the tropical scent of butter to the very mild scent of shea butter.  On the other hand, shea butter has a cool scent, which means that it is combined with other aromatic essential oils.  Cocoa butter is also used for cooking, while shea butter is only used topically on the skin.

Pure cocoa butter has the most benefits, but it is difficult to find and more expensive than other products.  Today, oils are very expensive, and many food manufacturers are replacing more expensive oils such as refined vegetable oils (soybean, canola or palm oil) and sometimes coconut and shea butter.

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