Cocoa Butter and skin Care (part1)

Cocoa Butter and skin Care (part1)

Cocoa butter is a healthy fat that is mostly saturated like coconut oil.  The amount of saturated fat (compared to unsaturated fat) is between 57 and 64% of the total fat content.

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Among the different types of fatty acids are:

Stearic acid (about 24 to 37% of total fat content) Palmitic acid (24 to 30%), meristen acid (0% to 4%), arachidic acid (about 1%), lauric acid (only about 0 to 1%)

What about raw cocoa butter – what makes the difference and is it better than hot cocoa butter?  Raw cocoa butter, sometimes referred to as “pure cocoa butter”, does not undergo high temperatures during production processes, meaning that it retains most of the healthy fats and other natural compounds found in cocoa beans.

Benefits and properties of cocoa and cocoa butter for the skin:

Prevent dry skin and peeling

Cocoa butter is a great skin moisturizer, plus it works more than a moisturizer.  It is an excellent source of natural antioxidants found in cocoa beans (the same as those found in genuine and dark chocolate that improve heart health and cognitive function).

As it has been said many times in the skin and hair health section, saturated fat is especially useful for dry and cracked skin because they are easily absorbed and remain on the skin for hours.

Natural hydration products are also very sensitive to people with sensitive skin because without additives, perfumes are the colors found in most commercial products.  To use it on the skin to treat or prevent dryness and peeling, try mixing it with other useful products such as vegetable or argan oils, castor oil or jojoba oil.

If you prefer a more liquid texture than coconut oil and a tropical scent, you can also mix pure cocoa butter and coconut oil.  If you are extremely sensitive, dry skin (such as eczema), always use pure cocoa butter and test first to make sure you are not allergic.

If cocoa butter is solid because you store it in a cool place at home, combine it with a little warm water to melt it.  You can boil water on the stove and then add it to a handful of cocoa butter.  Some people know that black cocoa butter is the softest and improves the skin without the need for too much heating, but commercial cocoa butter is more fragile and harder.

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