5 ways to use Lavender Oil for your skin

5 ways to use Lavender Oil for your skin

5 ways to use Lavender Oil for your skin

One of the most popular essential oils in skin care comes from the lavender plant. Floral oil not only imparts a unique fragrance to lotions and bath salts, but also contains many beneficial ingredients that can simplify your beauty procedures and help your skin look its best.

Natural botanical

Using lavender oil is a simple way to make natural botanicals work while avoiding over-processed chemicals. The small environmental footprint of lavender essential oil is also a very important issue. Lavender plants do not use a lot of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

 What exactly is lavender oil?

Lavender oil, scientific name Lavandula angustifolia, is an essential oil extracted from lavender flowers. Although lavender is now grown worldwide, it comes from the Mediterranean, Arabian Peninsula and Russia. Oil is obtained through a steam distillation process, in which the flowers are steamed, the steam is captured, and the oil is separated from the water and collected. You can usually find lavender oil in health food stores or even pharmacies close to other essential oils.

5 ways to use Lavender Oil for your skin

 The health benefits of lavender oil.

Essential oils and aromatherapy have a reputation for being the first choice for overall health. Essential oils are liquid plant extracts that can help relieve stress, sleep, hormonal health, house cleaning and other problems. But each essential oil is unique and provides its specific benefits. Here are 5 ways to use Lavender Oil for your skin.

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5 ways to use Lavender Oil for your skin


If you are dealing with stubborn acne, lavender oil may be the perfect complement to your skin care. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of lavender oil provide a unique anti-freckle effect. Mix some with aloe vera or witch hazel to make a DIY toner for acne-prone skin.

 For wrinkles

Do you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles? The antioxidants in lavender oil can help fight free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles. 1 Mix lavender oil with base oils such as grape seed oil or jojoba oil, and apply to the areas you want to improve.


One of the 5 ways to use Lavender Oil for your skin is for cuts and scratches may leave unsightly scars. Fortunately, antioxidants that can also reduce the visibility of wrinkles can also increase tissue formation after injury. 2 This can reduce scars during wound healing.

 For skin conditions

For people suffering from eczema or psoriasis, due to the antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil, mixing lavender oil with coconut oil and applying it to the affected skin can only help soothe and relieve inflammation and inflammation. Stimulate. Using coconut oil as the carrier of lavender oil adds an extra layer of anti-inflammatory and moisturizing protection.

5 ways to use Lavender Oil for your skin

 Insect bites

Insects can cause bites that look uncomfortable, not to mention the itching and discomfort they leave. Linalool, a compound found in lavender oil, has been used in many insect control products. This non-toxic ingredient comes from nature and requires lower energy and water intensity than most synthetic pesticides.  Try adding a few drops of lavender oil to a fragrance-free lotion or mixing it with a carrier oil, and then apply it to bare skin to repel insect biting. Have you already taken a bite? Lavender oil can also help relieve itching and irritation caused by mosquitoes and other pests.

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For the Dark spots

If you have hyperpigmentation or dark patches on your skin, consider adding a few drops of lavender oil to your skincare routine. Linalyl acetate, a natural ester contained in lavender oil, aids in inflammation reduction and promotes skin cell turnover, resulting in younger-looking skin.

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