10 bad habits skincare

 10 bad habits skincare

10 bad habits skincare

Some people have habits that destroy their beauty and also shorten their life. We do destructive things every day and do not realize how much it affects our beauty. For example, using a towel to dry our face, putting a razor in the bathroom and combing wet hair can ruin a good appearance. In this article we will mention 10 bad habits skincare.

List of 10 bad habits skincare

1.     Drying your face with towel

It is very natural to use a towel to dry your face, but the towel easily absorbs germs and dirt, and every time you use the towel more than once, you will be prone to acne, so instead you can use Use a cotton pad or allow the face to dry in the open air and use skin care products on a wet face.

2.     Use dirty makeup brushes

You should not use unclean brushes to fill your time. Using a dirty brush restores bacteria and dirt to your skin, and in the worst case, these brushes can cause infection and pimples as a result of using contaminated cosmetics.

 10 bad habits skincare

3.     Consume more than one teaspoon of salt per day

Salt can mean foods such as cheese, sauces or even ready meals. Reducing salt helps maintain good blood pressure, and people with low blood pressure will usually have more wrinkles on their skin, and you only need 2300 mg of sodium a day, which is no more than a teaspoon.

4.     Excessive thinning of the eyebrows

Healthy and thick eyebrows can make your face look younger, so do not try to thin your eyebrows to open your face, and by thinning your eyebrows too much, you will make them weak and fall out.

5.     Put Gillette in the bathroom

If you want to make full and optimal use of Gillette, never leave it in the bathroom. Placing the Gillette in a humid place will slow it down, and instead you can make the most of it by keeping the Gillette in dry air.

6.     Use deodorant after shaving

Most deodorants contain heavy and harmful chemicals. After shaving, our skin pores open and they can absorb these substances more easily, so it is better not to use natural moisturizing lotions or deodorants on the skin you have just shaved.

7.     Take a shower with hot water

We all love hot showers, especially if they are busy after a busy day, so it is best not to make it a habit. Hot water dries the skin and hair sooner than lukewarm or cold water, and if you need a hot shower, try using cold or lukewarm water at the end of the bath to close the pores.

 10 bad habits skincare

8.     Pressing the mascara pen inside the material

When our mascara is running out, we like to use it to the last drop, and if we constantly put the mascara in the material, it will cause air to flow inside it and bacteria to get into it, so it is better for you. Do not expose to eye infections, and instead gently rotate the mascara pen inside the material to allow less current to enter.

9.     Do not change the pillowcase

If you suffer from severe skin problems, it may be easier to fix what you think. Change the pillowcase every two or three days to remove sweat, oil, saliva and any bacteria on it and not get it on your skin. People with acne, I suggest you change the pillowcase every day.

10. Touching the face

We all rub our hands on all kinds of objects and then we rub our hands, which are very dirty, on our face, which causes pimples on the face and pimples on the face, so every time for some reason You want to touch your face, make sure your hands are clean.

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