Nail care

How to fix a broken nail?

How to fix a broken nail?

How to fix a broken nail?

What to do when our nails break?

We have all broken our nails in countless ways before! Sometimes your manicurist may even sabotage you. But because nails grow so fast, this is not a big deal. But in this article, we are going to say How to fix a broken nail. It must have happened to you that you want to know How to fix a broken nail

However, a nail that is broken close to the skin is very painful. But because nails are always growing, there are other ways to fix and keep nails healthy instead of trimming them or sticking them to the wound. If this is difficult for you, use at least one nice band-aid to cover your broken nails!

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How to fix broken nails?

  1. Remove any nail polish from your broken nails and wash your hands with warm water.
  2. 2. Trim or scrape your nails as close to the tip as you can. If you insist on maintaining the length of your nails, you do not need to cut or trim your nails too much. But know that the longer you leave the nail, the greater the risk of your nails getting stuck and broken completely.
  3. Cut a bandage or clean tape so that it fits snugly over the fractured nail. Apply a thin layer of colorless varnish to the nail, and while it is still wet, apply a bandage or gauze bandage over the fracture.

Apply another coat of colorless varnish on top of the dressing and allow to dry completely before adding the other coats. Use a toothpick to place the band or tape in place. If the nail looks rough, first wait for the nail polish to dry completely, and then sand it with a nail file to smooth it out.

  1. As an alternative, you can use a small amount of colorless, non-toxic liquid glue or nail glue on the fracture site instead of the previous method. If you need to sand to smooth your nails, do so after the nails have dried. Apply a layer of colorless nail polish or enhancer on the tip of your nails.

How to fix a broken nail?:

Finally, you can use a colored varnish on your nails to hide the glue, tape or bandage.

Now, in the following, we provide you with the reasons and solutions to prevent nail breakage.

Reasons and ways to prevent nail breakage

Reasons of nail breakage

The most important cause of broken nails: Sometimes due to wetting and drying of hands with alkaline substances such as detergents or small blows to the nails due to contact with kitchen utensils, which occurs a lot. Also inherited backgrounds, dry skin disease Anemia, iron deficiency and zinc deficiency in the body, which can be the causes of broken nails.

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These days, doing beautiful nail work, such as manicuring or using artificial nails or nail implants, causes nails to become brittle. Excessive use of nail polish or acetone, in addition to reducing blood circulation in the nails, causes them to break.

Effective solutions to prevent nail breakage

We recommend that in order to have healthy nails, we keep our nails short all the time, and if we cut them into rectangles, their brittleness will be much less.

Always lubricate the nails and scalp around it permanently. Always have moisturizing cream with you at home and at work and try to keep your nails moist several times a day (especially in cold and dry weather).

Note: Approximately 10 to 30% of the volume of our nails is water, and if this amount of water is reduced, the nails will break more. (Experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day)

Now, if by observing all these solutions, your broken nail is still broken, you can follow the steps mentioned at the beginning of the text so that you can fix the broken nail.


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