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Fall Nail Trends from the 2021 Runways

Fall Nail Trends from the 2021 Runways

Fall Nail Trends from the 2021 Runways

Dedication is put in from the top of the head to the tips of the fingers to produce an Instagram moment and trends we’ll want to imitate for ourselves. The pleasure in nails is visible even in a virtual scenario, from the advent of press-on nails thanks to Prabal Gurung and Rebecca Minkoff to basic metallics worn at Anna Sui and Christian Cowan shows. Continue to scroll to discover the manicure trends you’ll want to recreate at home.

Romantic Length and Shade by Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung amplified the romance with long press-on nails, in keeping with the runway aesthetic. Gina Edwards, KISS Brand Ambassador, developed the look with KISS nails to show off “long, couture nails in a deep Bordeaux.” The purple-red wine color is formed into a spherical almond that is a one-of-a-kind show-stopper.

Fall Nail Trends from the 2021 Runways

Press on power

With these press-ons, there’s no need to be fashionably late. Here’s how to obtain this look if you’re new to the app. Simply use the supplied nail pad to remove any extra oils from the nail. Apply the nail on the fingers using the sticky tabs, align the nail to a bit above the nail bed for the proper size, and press down! It’s a quick and easy look that’ll have you looking stylish for any occasion…even if it’s just lounging on your couch watching Wandavision.

Shop the look

Gina wore No Pressure KISS Gel Fantasy nails. She painted a half-moon on the cuticle and an oval on the french tip with clear gloss nail polish.

If you like short manicure

If you prefer short nails, consider the O.P.I. X imPRESS Color press-on manicure in Malaga Wine, also by KISS.

If you like simple polish

If press-ons aren’t your thing, Rooted Woman’s Renewed deep purple tint is a good alternative.

Fall Nail Trends from the 2021 Runways

Press-On Nail Art by Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is known for her ability to have fun with patterns, and this season was no exception. The ensembles were a celebration of “the contradiction between spring blooms and the downtown edge of NYC,” even down to the models’ nails. Gina Edwards, a celebrity nail artist and KISS Ambassador, was quite busy at New York Fashion Week, giving playful fingertips to the Rebecca Minkoff digital show.

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French Tip

Start with the Evanesce imPRESS Press-On Manicure ($9.49) to achieve the Yin-Yang-inspired french tip. Then, with Black and White nail polishes and a toothpick, make an oval swirl at the top (as seen in the photo) in one color and a dot in the center in the other. Make a new nail by reversing the colors you used.

Golden French tip

To create the warm golden french tip, start with a foundation of Be-You-Tiful Classy Fashion Nails ($8.49) and then paint the tips (in the shape of the nail) with a metallic gold polish hue. Use a thin nail brush for a more exact line.

Jewel Tone Shades by Anna Sui

Diamonds aren’t necessary. The emeralds are mine. Anna Sui completed the outfit with simple short nails in jewel tone colours, which are a girl’s night favorite.

Fall Nail Trends from the 2021 Runways

Anna Sui: In a Nutshell

Color was used throughout, and the gleaming blue painted on the short, rounded nails was a wonderful match.

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Christian Cowan: Matchy Matchy

We love a good matching moment, and all of the models’ nails matched their virtual presentation appearance for the Christian Cowan show.

Length for Days by Christian Cowan

Manicurist Noriko Yamanaka’s (@nailnori) work adds the ideal amount of drama to the appearance and makes us want to grow our nails out RIGHT NOW. We don’t have to wait any longer owing to press-on manicures and metallic nail lacquer, which allow us to match our fingertips to any clothing, as shown here on SNL’s Chloe Fineman. During a zoom call, who doesn’t like to match their nails to their pajamas?

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