What to do to grow eyebrows? (part1)


Do not go to your hairdresser for a while

First of all: cancel all eyebrow correction sessions. Tell your hairdresser that your eyebrows need a little rest, so it will take some time before you return. The most important part of this is that you save some money!

Be patient

The next step is the hardest part: real growth! In the first or second week, you feel good, but later you think that your face has become like the people of the Stone Age. Despite eyebrows growing like weeds, you always feel the need to use tweezers. Use all your strength to resist this temptation and do not worry about yourself. Even if you feel like you are the busiest person in the world right now, other people are unlikely to notice.

Concealers and brow shade are your friends

After a few weeks, you will look like Yeti. Fill your eyebrows with powder and a quality pencil. After shaping the eyebrows properly, you can cover the extra hair on the outside with a quality concealer, until you are ready to give your eyebrows a full shape.

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Thinning also happens to eyebrow hair

Once my eyebrows started to grow, I noticed that they were not as thick as before. My dream of having full eyebrows like when I was in fifth grade was shattered. I knew hair would get thinner over time, but what about eyebrow hair?

Many of us lose some eyebrow hair as we age. However, if you sleep on one side of your face, a pillow can cause eyebrow hair to fall out.

If your eyebrow hair is thin, use a serum like eyebrow growth serum to increase your eyebrow growth.

Final points

Because people’s hair grows at different speeds, the length of time it takes for eyebrows to grow also varies from person to person.

Unexpected causes of slowing down or slow growth of eyebrows

These two share the common causes of slow or short eyebrow growth, and tips on how to increase their growth.

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