Summer Makeup Trends 2021: The Boldest And Brightest

Summer Makeup Trends 2021: The Boldest And Brightest

Summer Makeup Trends 2021: The Boldest And Brightest

This summer offers a much-needed return to bright, colorful makeup after what feels like an eternity of quarantine skincare and modest zoom-meeting makeup. There’s nothing like warmer weather to make you want to go out and look your best, and these 8 cosmetic trends are ready to help you look your best this summer. Top makeup artists such as Sir John of L’Oréal Paris US Makeup Artist & Creative Director, Millie Morales of Garnier Beauty Consultants, and Steve Kassajikian of Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist revealed their predictions for this summer’s top makeup trends.

Most popular cosmetic trends

Pastel eyes and strong brows, along with statement lips, are set to be some of the most popular cosmetic trends this summer. Below is your professional guide to this summer’s trendiest trends, written in the spirit of optimism and looking forward to warmer, brighter days.

Fresh Skin Is Invincible

The no-makeup-makeup style isn’t going away; on the contrary, it’s getting a makeover. This summer, expect to see a lot of minimal makeup that emphasizes natural skin. It’s all about light base makeup and barely-there skin, which is ideal for hot weather and applying masks.

Summer Makeup Trends 2021: The Boldest And Brightest

Eyes that are graphic and colorful

It’s all about the eyes since the standardization of face masks last spring. Eyeshadow looks will only grow brighter and more complex as the temperature increases. This means adding texture to your eye looks with pop art washes of color over the lid with two multi-texture liners, according to Makeup Forever Pro Artist & Educator Eddie Duyos.

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All praise the vivacious and sassy lip! This summer, soft creams and browns are taking a second seat to vivid pink and pastel colours. Bright pinks, strong reds, and vibrant corals are likely to be a hit this season. When it comes to longwearing makeup, matte or highly pigmented formulations are the way to go.

Brows that stand out

It’s never been a better time to let your brows grow. Big brows aren’t new, but you can use them to play up colorful eyeshadow looks this summer. Defined brows draw attention to your face and give you a more youthful appearance.

Summer Makeup Trends 2021: The Boldest And Brightest

Natural Frauds

Falsies are the best method to accentuate your natural beauty while staying on style with the natural appearance. Long wispy lash extensions elevate the eyes for a defined face and dramatic lash strips make your eyes a focal point while wearing light coverage makeup for a totally unnoticeable look.

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Pastel Eyes with Tie-Dye

Every summer, tie-dye and pasteles make an appearance in fashion trends, but applying the trend into your cosmetics is a no-brainer. This look might appear complicated and intimidating, but Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist Steve Kassajikian explains how to get it in the simplest method possible. You may use the shadow stick as a base or transition shade by applying it straight to the eyes and buffing it out to blend. Then, to add depth, dust powder shadows on top (you can apply with fingers on the lid for high color payoff). Then, to brighten the eyes, apply duo-chrome or shimmer hues to the inner corner.

Glow of the Beach

A classic, bronzy beach glow face is a must-have for every summer. Glow-bal Makeup Artist Nam Vo advises using a tinted Cream highlighter to get the ideal beachy glow. This isn’t the time for smoky eyes and heavy contouring. This is the season of uncomplicated beauty. A decent bronzer, which Vo recommends applying to your cheekbones, neck, and collarbone, is the key to achieving a beach glow. Vo suggests a light coverage product for the basis of a glowy look to achieve that thin, almost wet sheen.

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