Permanent makeup: Things you need to know about (part1)

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup: Things you need to know about (part1)

it refers to methods that improve certain parts of the face. This requires a process called micropigmentation. This process uses a tattoo pen that injects ink into the skin. Permanent makeup can be applied on the lips as a lipstick or lipstick, on the eyebrows, and as an eyeliner. It can also create permanent blush or eye shadow.

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Each process takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the area. This method can permanently lighten or darken areas. Since this is a permanent method, there are important factors to consider. This method also has its own risks.

Advantages of Permanent Makeup

Advantage: Makes your beauty routine easier

Having lipstick, eyebrow color, eyeliner, or even permanent lipstick will cut your makeup in half, and you will no longer have to spend a lot of time grooming yourself every morning.

Advantage: Saves on cosmetics costs

Since your makeup is permanent, there is no need to buy more makeup. You also do not have to worry about wasting your makeup. You do not have to replace your outdated beauty products, so you can save more money.

Advantage: Flawless makeup

You no longer have to worry about your rough eyeliner or messy lipstick. Your makeup will stay flawless and fresh for years to come!

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Advantage: Can cover physical disadvantages

You can use permanent makeup to cover physical imperfections such as uneven skin due to blemishes or severe scars. You can cover old wounds and even blemishes on the skin caused by birthmarks.

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