New look for eyelashes with colored mascaras

colored mascaras

So, do you like to use colored mascaras? Maybe you have already bought some colored mascaras, or you have seen beautiful green, or shades of golden blue in stores. However, how to use colored mascaras without looking weird? Is there a way to use colored mascara without anyone noticing that you have applied blue mascara?

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Yes, there is a way. You can combine colored mascara with your regular black or brown mascara and make your lashes different and lovely without over-brightening them.

Only the tips of the lashes

Remove your permanent black mascara daily and apply it on both upper and lower lashes. Then try a strange color, for example, a bold green, and apply it to the tips of your upper lashes with quick movements. A soft and clever color on your lashes that you have already mascara. You cannot even see this color on your lashes unless you look very close. However, when you do this, it is as if your soul suddenly realizes how wonderful this color is.

Divide the color

For a more beautiful and clear, look that still does not look like a rainbow, apply black mascara to your upper lashes and use colored mascara for your lower lashes. This can be fun. For example, apply black mascara on the upper lashes and sailor blue on the lower lashes, or use azure for more charm. This works best with different types of blue because these colors make the whites of your eyes look brighter and brighter, like red lipsticks with a ton of blue that make your skin look cooler.

Combine colors

Make a slight change in your black mascara. Apply one layer of black mascara and then for the next layer, use a refreshing color of your choice. Is this mascara black? Not. What color is mascara? Not again. Adding a layer of colored mascara to the black mascara makes the black color look brighter and a little more attractive, without causing you to have strange mascaras on your eyes all day.

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