How to apply makeup with a lens?


Beauty Tips When Wearing Lenses!

Have you ever used a lens regularly? Contact lenses are a good alternative to glasses or eye surgery, and exercise and daily activities will not damage them. However, when it comes to makeup, especially your eyes, your lens may be blocked or at least slow down your eye makeup process, as contact lenses need care.

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Do not worry anymore. Using the following guide, you will be able to do your attractive and amazing makeup quickly, in addition to using the lens.

1- Wash and moisturize your face.

2- Wash and dry your hands.

3- Before doing anything, put on your lenses first. There are several reasons why you should do this first. By inserting the lens before starting the makeup process, the risk of cosmetics meeting your lens will be reduced. You also need to be able to see carefully when you want to apply makeup! Leaving the lens behind will help you in this case as well.

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4- Apply the foundation to the entire surface of your face with a clean sponge.

5- Select the eye shadow you want to use and lightly dip a clean pen into it.

6- Close one eye, and hold the eyelash of that eye with your finger.

7- Apply the shadow gently on your eyelids without putting too much pressure. Excessive pressure may damage your eyes or lens.

8- Wink from time to time and keep working. Blinking will help keep your eyes from drying out.

9- When you have finished applying the eye shadow, open your eyes wide and blink one after the other.

10- Repeat the same process with the other eye.

11- To draw eyeliner, rest your elbow on a flat surface.

12- Avoid drawing eyeliner inside your eyelid; instead, you can draw eyeliner above the lash line.

13- Open your eyes wide and pull the mascara brush up from the middle of the lashes. Lower than this may threaten your lens.

14- Blink so your eyes do not dry out and repeat this process with the other eye.

15- Apply highlighter powder under the eyebrows and above your cheeks.

16- Use extreme care to apply a highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes.

17- Try not to use too much cosmetics. Because your lens may suddenly be stuck in it!

18- Finally, highlight your cheeks with a peach blush to get a fresh and fresh look.

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