Five great tricks for the perfect powder cream

powder cream

Powder cream is the foundation of makeup, not only because you use it in the first step, but also the foundation on which you build your face. Depending on how well chosen and skillfully used, powder cream can make the difference between attractive looks and catastrophic makeup. To maintain the appearance, we have gathered five simple tricks for the best way of applying powder cream! How to choose it and use it well.

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Five great ways to use powder cream

1- Try three different colors

To find the best powder cream, it is better to choose three colors that are close to your skin. Place them side by side on the jawline. The color that almost fades is the best.

2- Choose the appropriate season

Do you think your skin stays the same color throughout the year? Not! If you are always on the beach during the summer months, your usual color will probably get a little darker. If the rain blows away from the beach in late fall and early winter, your usual color will probably be a little lighter. In any case, it is better to have two main colors of powder cream.

3- Apply the powder cream in the downward direction

When using a powder foundation, always apply it in a downward direction. Why? Upward strokes show more pores and give your skin a heavier texture.

4. Focus on the center

Usually, more redness and pigmentation appear along the T-line, which we need to cover more. Apply most of the powder cream on the nose, forehead, chin, and cheekbones and from there go out to get the ideal coverage, without the cream rubbing on your skin.

5. Try wet and dry sponges

A dual-use powder cream is a powder formulation designed for two applications. With a dry sponge, the cream powder spreads like a layer and gives a light to medium coverage. This is suitable for people who have relatively clear skin and just want to smooth their skin, cover pores, or control skin radiance. Anyway, with a damp sponge, the cream stays matte! Moisten the sponge a little with water, apply it to the product and apply it on the skin in dots. This is ideal for people with blemished skin who want a natural look and long coverage.

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Matching colors

As we said before, the best powder cream is the one that matches the natural color of your skin, but it should give good coverage to your skin without rubbing on it, and of course, it is resistant to weather changes.

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