Eyeliner training for beginners (part1)


Eyeliner training for beginners (part1)

I love the precision and delicacy used to draw cat eyeliner using liquid eyeliner.

However, for someone new to makeup, learning to draw eyeliner can be frustrating. Do you just draw eyeliner on your upper eyelid? Alternatively, do you draw the lower eyelid? What is invisible eyeliner and how is it drawn? Do you use tape or a ruler when you want to draw cat eyeliner, or do you draw eyeliner empty-handed? Do you use liquid or cream eyeliner? Powder or pencil? What brush do you use? Did you draw the correct eyeliner? Does your eyeliner look beautiful? How do we understand all this?

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OK Take a deep breath!

If you are just starting to draw, you only need one product. In addition, a soft and waterproof pencil eyeliner is very easy to work with.

Go for simpler products before you become proficient in eyeliner. A soft black pencil eyeliner can be used in several ways. Here are three popular methods.

Invisible eyeliner between the lashes (tight lining)

This type of eyeliner is created when you gently create a line between your lashes to make them appear fuller. In this case, it seems that you do not have much eyeliner and it is perceived that you naturally have black and full eyelashes.

Sharpen your pencil and carefully draw a line between the upper eyelid lashes. Try to fill in any gaps or voids you see. (Please be careful with your eyes and do not put pressure on the eyes). This may take a few minutes, and you may say to yourself, “Is it worth it?”

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