Easy and incredibly beautiful eye makeup

Easy and incredibly beautiful eye makeup

Today we introduce you to an easy and very attractive eye makeup model so that you can enjoy having beautiful and unique eyes in a short period.

How to deal with allergic reactions to cosmetics?

  1. Apply a layer of oyster eye shadow on the upper eyelid.
  2. Apply a thick line of light brown eye shadow on the eyelid as a framework for oyster shadow.
  3. Draw a line of black oily eye shadow on the upper eyelid so that the closer you get to the outer ear of the eye, the thicker it becomes. You can use liquid eyeliner instead.
  4. Apply a medium-thick line of glossy green on the lower eyelid.
  5. Now apply two coats of mascara on the upper and lower lashes. You can also use artificial eyelashes to achieve more volume and thickness.

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After completing these simple steps, your eye makeup will be very attractive; Suitable makeup style for morning and family relationships.

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