Bad Things to Do If You Do Not Clean Your Cosmetics (part1)


Wash cosmetics regularly

Clogged pores are just one of the many problems you may face. If your cosmetics are covered with powders, liquids, creams, and God knows what else, forget about having a flawless face. In addition, messy makeup aside, dirty makeup tools can bring you serious health problems. Follow our recommendations and use these tips to keep your beauty tools clean and your skin healthy.

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1- Boils

Hadley King M.D. “Dust-covered brushes, oils, and cosmetics can clog pores with bacteria and cause pimples or skin irritations,” says a certified dermatologist. Synthetic concealer and foundation brushes should be cleaned at least once a week. “Because they have pores and absorb more cosmetics than natural brushes (which only need to be cleaned twice a month).”

“The best way to clean natural brushes is to use water and a brush cleaner or baby shampoo,” says King. Mix one part of baby shampoo with four parts of lukewarm water, dip the brush hair in it, and then rub. Alternatively, if you are using a brush cleaner, moisten the brush hairs, drop a drop of the cleaner in the palm of your hand, gently dip the brush hairs into it and rub. “Then rinse, squeeze out the excess water and adjust the shape of the brush head, letting the brush hairs hang from the edge of the table to dry.”

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Use dishwashing liquid, such as down, to clean synthetic brushes, as they need to remove grease. Pour some down liquid on the brush, then rub the brush hairs or clean them on a brush cleansing mat like the Sigma Spa Express brush cleaning mat and wash the head and arrange it to dry Be.

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