Application of silicone in cosmetics industry

Application of silicone in cosmetics industry

Silicon in:

Hair care products

If you are sensitive to the list of ingredients in your hair care product, you may come across some kind of silicone. The properties that make silicone compounds used in hair products are:

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Increase softness and loosen hair knots and hair;

Hair shine (related to water-insoluble silicones);

Use in heat and moisture protection products;

Use in chemical dyes to prevent hair dye from being lost by washing or exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Skin care products

These compounds are anti-allergic, non-irritating and non-irritating (contrary to popular belief);

They are good moisturizers and increase playability;

Can help penetrate the effective ingredients of care products;

Waterproof silicones can be used to increase the durability of sunscreen products;

They can protect the skin from wind and abrasion.

In cosmetic products

It makes the skin slippery and therefore cosmetics can be combined more easily;

In cosmetic primers, by filling the lines and pores of the face, it makes it look fuller and creates a soft background for makeup;

Creams, powders and lipsticks give a higher durability. However, they are also flexible enough not to crack over time;

Matte silicones cause light to fade and blur, resulting in a more natural and clean makeup;

They can be used in glossy cosmetics (water-insoluble silicones).

And two final points:

The lifespan of silicon-containing products depends on several factors, such as temperature and storage conditions. For example, the higher the storage temperature, the shorter the product life.

As a guide to paying attention to the ingredients of the product used, if this product contains substances that end in -cone, -cool or -Sloane, it can be said that silicone is used in the product. For example, the following list is all from the silicon family:





Phenyl trimethicone

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