10 makeup items that you must have in your makeup bag

If you like to make up, apart from good and high quality makeup products, you need some makeup tools. These makeup tools make it easier to use makeup products and help you have a more perfect and uniform makeup. If you don’t have any makeup tools, this guide will help you buy the most essential makeup tools for your makeup bag.

  1. Cosmetic sponges

Makeup sponges are essential for blending makeup products on the face and having a uniform and neat makeup. There are two main types of makeup sponges. Disposable sponges that you can throw away after one or two uses. One of the advantages of these sponges is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time washing them. But by using these sponges, it produces garbage regularly.

These sponges are more suitable and hygienic for hairdressers who deal with many people during the day. If you are planning to buy a makeup sponge just for your own use, choose reusable and high-quality ones.

Permanent sponges should be washed regularly so that skin impurities and residual cosmetic products do not remain inside. This cosmetic tool is constantly in contact with your facial skin, cosmetic bag and various cosmetic products. So it is important to clean them regularly.

Sponges have different designs. Try to buy a sponge that you can use on all parts of the skin, for example, even under the eyes. Egg sponges that are sharper and more elongated on one side are a better choice for this purpose.

  1. Cosmetic brushes

Makeup brushes are very versatile. As much as the variety of cosmetic products, you can find special and different brushes. These brushes have so much variety that they make it difficult to choose. Especially if you want to buy high-quality brushes because high-quality brushes are very expensive.

The bristles of the brushes may be synthetic and made from synthetic fibers. These types of brushes are the cheapest types of makeup brushes. Sometimes natural animal hair is used to make brushes, which are more expensive than all types of cosmetic brushes.

Of course, being cheap does not mean that a brush with synthetic hair is less effective. Today, many animal-friendly brands and vegan product brands produce high-quality synthetic fiber brushes.

A good brush should have soft bristles, be thick and not cause lines and lines on the makeup products when drawing on the face.

Buy only for the brush products you use the most. Don’t worry about different types of brushes. You don’t need all of them and sometimes you can use a variety of cosmetic products with just two or three brush models.

The most important types of makeup brushes you need are:

  • Concealer brush to cover the darkness under the eyes and skin spots more accurately.
  • Shadow brush for adding shadows and shimmery highlighters to the back of the eyelid.
  • Eyeliner brush for when you use gel eyeliner.
  • Blush brush for when you want to apply a little blush on your cheeks.

Depending on the products you use in your makeup routine, you may need the following brushes:

  • Kabuki brush for applying bronzer
  • Fan brush for using highlighter
  • Angled brush for contouring, especially in the cheek area
  • Eyebrow makeup brush
  • Cream powder brush

Of course, beauty blenders or makeup sponges are a suitable option for use with liquid cream powders; But for other types of cream powder and pancake, you need a brush. You should choose the right cream powder according to your skin type.

  1. Eyelash curler

If your eyelashes do not naturally have an upward curve, before applying mascara, you should use a device called a curler. This device makes your eyelashes look upwards. In the next step, when you use mascara on these eyelashes, your eyelashes will keep their curved shape for a longer time.

One of the questions that are often asked about eyelash curlers is, can eyelash curlers damage eyelashes?

Eyelash curler is a harmless cosmetic tool if you use it correctly. It is normal to feel a little stretch at the end of the eyelashes, but it is not normal to cause pain in the eyelashes. When using this cosmetic tool, keep your hand steady and still so as not to stretch the eyelashes.

Between each use, clean the eyelash curler with alcohol and keep it in a clean place because it is in direct contact with your eyes and should not be contaminated. If you use the formula every day, you should change it every six months. The pad on the Eyelash curler loses its thickness or becomes uneven after some time of use. Finally, this tool no longer works like the first day and loses its effectiveness.

  1. Tweezers

Another important cosmetic tool that every woman should have in her cosmetic bag is tweezers. Tweezers are a widely used cosmetic tool, so when shopping, try to buy the best and highest quality tweezers. The more elegant and quality tweezers you have, the better and more precisely you can work with it and remove the extra strands on the face.

Tips to use tweezers:

  • The tip of some tweezers is very sharp; If you have such tweezers, be careful not to cut or scratch the skin when working with it.
  • Clean the tweezers with an alcohol wipe after each use.
  1. Eyebrow and eyelash brush

Apart from makeup brushes that are used for applying cosmetic products, it is better to have a brush for eyebrows and eyelashes. These brushes, which are just like the brush inside the mascara, are suitable for arranging the direction of the eyebrows and combing the eyelashes and separating the eyelashes after applying the mascara.

  1. Cotton swab

Ear cleaner is placed in the category of health products and is not a cosmetic tool, but it has many uses when applying makeup. Sometimes, a small part of your makeup gets damaged during makeup; You can fix only the damaged part with the ear cleaner. In addition to correcting small cosmetic mistakes, you can use this device to spread some cosmetic products in small areas such as the corner of the eye.

  1. Lathe

Cosmetic razors usually have different sizes. Buy a sharpener with which you can sharpen different pencils of different diameters. A makeup sharpener is necessary for shaving products such as eyeliner, lip liner, and pencil lipsticks, and you should have it in your makeup bag.

  1. Eyebrow scissors

Neat eyebrows are one of the most important factors of facial beauty. To always have well-groomed eyebrows, comb them before applying makeup, and then trim the long hairs with scissors. Do not exaggerate in shortening the eyebrows; Because the longer the eyebrow hairs, the thicker it looks.

  1. Mirror

You need a mirror to put on makeup. Pocket mirrors that have magnification are a better choice because you can see the details of the face better and have a more precise makeup. If you don’t usually wear makeup outside the house and do the main makeup work at home, you can buy large makeup mirrors instead of a pocket mirror.

Makeup mirrors are usually magnified so that you can apply makeup more accurately. In addition, some of their models have LED lights around the mirror. By turning on these lights, enough light will reach your face and you can have more accurate makeup and choose better colors for your makeup.

  1. Brush cleaner

Various tools have been produced for cleaning the brush, for example, toothed silicone plates. You can get smaller types and keep it in your makeup bag so that whenever you need it, you can wash your makeup brushes and complete your makeup with a clean brush.

A clean brush increases accuracy in makeup, better blending of colors, showing the true color of the product and keeping the facial skin healthy.


Cosmetic tools are very diverse. There is a special tool for almost every type of cosmetic product. But if you are not a professional makeup artist, you don’t need most of these tools. If you do simple makeup, you only need essential makeup tools, which we mentioned above. Buying other tools depends on the usage and the type of products you use.

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