Important points about light skin makeup

Important points about light skin makeup

Important points about light skin makeup : Every skin color has its advantages and disadvantages, whether it is light or green. However, did you know that light skin is more vulnerable to sunlight than green skin? In addition, the appearance of signs of aging on light skin is faster than green skin. Nevertheless, the advantages of light skin are the ease of choosing the right colors; like eye shadow with light or dark colors or shiny and bright.

Important points about light skin makeup

All of these, if combined professionally, will be suitable for fair skin.

The powder cream should be exactly the color of your skin. It also has a soft and light coverage and contains UV protection materials to protect your skin from the sun during the day.

Use a beige-yellow concealer to remove dark circles under the eyes.

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For blush, we recommend the peach color. This color is very suitable and beautiful for very light skin because it fills your skin with vitality and beauty and makes it look fresh and flowery. We recommend avoiding bright and colorful colors because it is unnatural and awkward with your light skin color.

It is better to use light natural colors such as pink, sky blue, and light green for eye shadow. These colors are very attractive and deceptive for your skin.

Use clear liquid lipstick in the morning, but apply a classic red or reddish-pink lipstick for nightclubs. Such colors will be attractive for ceremonies and occasions.

Use brown mascara and eyeliner daily; But for classic make-up, use eyeliner and black eyeliner.

For eyebrows, it is better to avoid black altogether, because for light skin, it looks very sharp and awkward and its sharpness is noticeable. It is better to use a light brown eyebrow pencil to look natural.

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I advise light-skinned women to take proper care of their skin because their skin is more vulnerable than other skin types. In addition, as mentioned before, under no circumstances should you be exposed to direct sunlight without using sunscreen.

Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of vitamins, vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Use natural masks every week to help maintain the freshness and health of your skin and eliminate the yellowing and dullness of skin.

Avoid smoking and waking up at night because the negative effects will quickly appear on your skin.

See a dermatologist every occasionally.

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