Here’s What You Should Know About Curtain Bangs

Here's What You Should Know About Curtain Bangs

Here’s What You Should Know About Curtain Bangs

Are you considering getting curtain bangs? I understandI decided to go for it after seeing photographs of superstars wearing it, such as Ariana Grande in her 34+35 music video and new mom Gigi Hadid (who, by the way, had 3.6 million comments on her fringed look within the first few hours of uploading her selfie) made it even more desirable.

Even the slightest change may have a significant impact.

I’ll admit that I was hesitant about scheduling my hair appointment. Even though I wasn’t getting a full-fledged haircut, I knew that even the tiniest change to a hairstyle could make a big difference. (Did you see Hadid’s hair?) I had over 3,000 inquiries, so I enlisted the help of top experts. Continue reading to learn more about fringe and my personal experience with it.

Here's What You Should Know About Curtain Bangs

What are curtain bangs, exactly?

Levi Monarch, a stylist at New York’s Rob Peetoom Salon and the man slated to cut my hair, says it has the look of a grown-out fringe. He explains that the bangs are cut at a small angle, beginning short at the hairline and progressively lengthening near the ears. Riawna Capri, a celebrity hairstylist, adds that they’re enjoyable, don’t sit straight on your forehead, and fall gently on your face. In the 1960s and 1970s, she claims, the appearance was highly fashionable. Consider the hairstyle made famous by Brigitte Bardot.

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First and foremost: Curtain bangs, according to Monarch and Capri, should be cut by specialists who take specific factors into account before trimming, one of which is facial form. While the style flatters practically any face shape, Monarch claims it can aid in determining the length of the bangs. It’s all about proportions, he explains, revealing that when determining how long the bangs should be, he considers how long the face is in comparison to the whole haircut and length of the body.

Here's What You Should Know About Curtain Bangs

Analyzes face traits

When deciding how long to cut bangs, Monarch says he analyzes face traits as well. You want the [bottom of the bangs] to reach those spots if you truly want to accentuate a person’s cheek or jawline, he says. Monarch opted to have the longest point of my curtain bangs hit the top of my jawline, taking into account my heart-shaped face and the length of my hair. He sectioned off the hair on both sides of my head that would eventually become my fringe and separated my part in the middle . Then he started at the center of my hairline and chopped my bangs from long to short at a slight angle.

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What’s your style for curtain bangs?

Capris suggests having a heat protectant, a round brush, and a blow dryer on hand. According to Monarch, you should have a product to help you maintain the appearance.

In three easy steps, you can style your curtain bangs:

  • Protect your curtain bangs by spraying them with a heat protectant.
  • Capris suggests brushing your bangs forward, twisting them up, and elevating them while your dryer touches your hair directly. With your brush, take a step forward. After that, blow the sides forward and roll the brush back for the side flip.
  • Monarch recommends a light oil, such as the Davines, to finish the look. This is a non-oil oil.

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