Everything you need to know about Getting a Silk Press

Everything you need to know about Getting a Silk Press

Everything you need to know about Getting a Silk Press

Our moms, aunts, and grandmothers used to do the press and curl in our hair to prepare us for Easter Sunday, picture day, or graduations before silk presses were the hairstyle du jour on the menu at natural hair salons. To this day, I recall the following steps: Sitting in a kitchen chair, the flames from the stove heating a rusted hot comb passed down through generations; my hair sizzling as the hot comb combs through my somewhat oily hair, then the loud “ouch” from the heat scorching my scalp.

Flat iron and hot comb

The silk press is the healthier sister of the press and curl, which seeks to repair the damage the press and curl left behind. What’s the difference? Tools!  Ebony Knight, the founder and CEO of Textured Press, a New York City pop-up hair salon, tells us over the phone. When we were young, our parents used the stove and a hot comb to straighten our hair, and we didn’t know the danger until later. Time has changed, and we now have tools—flat iron and hot comb—that we can plug in instead of using on the stove and flat iron giving us more control over the temperature.

New haircut

You’ve undoubtedly contemplated rushing to your local salon for a silk press, with salons constantly springing up and consumers craving for a new haircut. Read all you need to know about the hair procedure before you relocate.

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Anyone can get silk press

Silk presses aren’t limited to certain hair types or thicknesses. However, the result of getting a silk press tells you all you need to know about the health of your hair. “Is there a shine to it? Is there any movement in it? Is your esplanade thriving? When it comes to the ‘standard silk press appearance,’ all of these factors come into play Ebony Knight clarifies. A trim or cut is necessary before getting a silk press so that “the ends of your hair are not stopping you from feeling the movement and body of a getting silk press.”

Everything you need to know about Getting a Silk Press

Make sure your hairdresser is knowledgeable in hair care as well as style.

When looking for a hairdresser, Ebony Knight believes in asking the tough questions. You should inquire about the temperature of their flat iron. And the correct response to that query is that it is dependent on the texture and density of the client’s hair. You want to know what kind of heat protection they employ. You’re curious as to why. And if the answer they give you makes you feel at ease, you keep looking until you’re comfortable entrusting your hair to someone else’s care Ebony Knight clarifies.

Trimming and cutting are necessary.

Ebony Knight suggests talking about trims and cuts, as many stylists might become scissor happy when the goal of a silk press is to provide naturally curly hair silkiness, body, and length. This causes the frayed ends of your hair to cluster together, which prevents your hair from moving or having any genuine bounce, she explains.

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If your lifestyle permits you, get a silk press

The variety of natural hair—the curls, the texture, etc.—is one of its most appealing features. And any reduction in humidity will cause your hair to return to its previous state, right? So, ideally, you wouldn’t want to have a silk press in the summer if you want that sleek appearance to last Ebony Knight clarifies. If you want to add length to your hair, the summer is the best season to do so because your hair is already stretched and cleaned. That’s the ideal moment to conduct a twist-out, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity to make use of an old silk press.


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