7 Summer Hair Trends to Refresh Your Look

7 Summer Hair Trends to Refresh Your Look

7 Summer Hair Trends to Refresh Your Look

Summer is the ideal time to get out of your hair rut, whether you’re still coping with the aftereffects of a bad hairdo you tried during quarantine or you’ve grown tired of your signature look. Warmer weather has historically meant lighter, shorter hair, but this summer, a new generation of daring and fascinating hairstyles is sweeping over. We spoke to hair professionals who revealed the 7 hair trends you’ll see everywhere this summer, from dream colour jobs to bombshell curtain bangs. Here are 7 of the hottest hairstyles to attempt for summer 2021.

Fantasy colors

For warmer weather, lighter locks are normally the standard, but this summer, colorful and brilliant is the way to go. This summer has been dubbed “the summer of fantasy hair” by Garnier Celebrity Hair Colorist Nikki Lee. Summer hairstyles are going to be a blast! She recommends using fantasy colors like Hilary Duff’s Cotton Candy Blue or boosting your red with a fiery copper shine like Sarah Hyland’s most recent look.

7 Summer Hair Trends to Refresh Your Look

Wavy Shag

Keep your hair wavy if you just do one thing with it this summer. The wavy shag is the ultimate beach babe look because it keeps your hair light and minimal maintenance, making it ideal for a summer of socializing. Feekaik tells ELLE that this summer will see new, shoulder-length shags styled with a wave or curl. About one-third of the strand ends should be colored in this technique. Brown hair with a cinnamon undertone, dark hair with a blue/lavender tone, or blonde hair with red/copper tones are just a few examples.

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Pixie cut

People will be ready to lose some weight in their hair when the weather improves and the country emerges from lockdown. Short to medium Pixie cuts and vibrant colors, according to Frédéric Fekkai, Founder and CEO of FEKKAI, will be on-trend. Platinum pink (think Rihanna’s classic pink pixie) and turquoise blue, among other natural hues, are likely to be popular.

7 Summer Hair Trends to Refresh Your Look

Square Bob Cut

A sleek square bob cut could be the first step toward a sizzling summer for girls. Short hair is notoriously stylish, and a slew of celebrities have just joined the bob haircut club, so it’s a foregone conclusion that this iconic haircut will be a go-to this summer. Feekaik suggests adding bangs if you truly want to turn up the fire.

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Big Chop

Summer is the ideal time to go back to your natural state, so if you’ve been thinking about a large chop, now is the time. Some people see this as a significant fresh start, and although that is true, it’s also the ideal moment to consider all of this new hair as a blank canvas. According to Sally Beauty Celebrity Consultant Gregory Patterson, it’s an opportunity to feed and care for your scalp while wearing your new style.

7 Summer Hair Trends to Refresh Your Look

Soft Textures & Shape Waves

For the ultimate bombshell appearance this summer, supermodel-inspired waves meet classic beach waves. According to Patterson, the softer wave form is ideal for a variety of lengths and styles, including the asymmetrical bob, the new shag mullet, and 70s-inspired lengths. Getting the ideal curl pattern might be difficult, but with a few professional techniques, you’ll be well on your way to beach waves in no time. Patterson suggests using a 1.25” curling iron with a heat protectant on a very low heat setting.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs have been a popular ‘It Girl’ hairdo for a long time. Curtain bangs are more adaptable than ever, and they definitely deserve a spot in your summer hair rotation. Traditional bangs can be intimidating and difficult to care for and style on your own, but hair expert Gregory Patterson says they’re worth it. Curtain bangs are a softer fringe option for people who want a low-maintenance or versatile fringe. In the summer, many women wear their hair up, and this sort of fringe provides a bit of coverage and form around the face. Get your fringe on this summer and channel your inner Bridgette Bardot or Daphne Bridgerton.

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