The common mistakes of hair washing that damage your hair (part1)

hair washing

Many of us are faced with perfect hair throughout the day. We may even have good care of your hair, but the hair is not healthy, as they should.

Although genetics are very important in this case, and sometimes some of the hair characteristics are not our hands, but the hair washing technique also has very special importance and causes many problems.

The common mistakes of hair washing that damage your hair (part1)

In this section, we will introduce the most common mistakes that may take while washing the hair to prevent them.

Washing the hair

1- Use hot water or cold water

The use of false temperatures on hair causes their appearance worse. Excessive cold or hot water causes serious damage to the hair and skin and should leave this type of water. Fresh water with normal temperature and shampoo and softening will be the best hair washing.

2- Combing hair from top to bottom

Many people under the shower bathe their hair from above, from the roots of the roots or the tip of the hair, and believe that health products come to all the points of the hair, but this is quite false because the probability of brittle hair is increasing. Exactly with this task, you knock your hair.

If you intend to shrug the hair in the bathroom, do this after using the softener. Low down from the bottom of the hair, pick up small pieces of hair, and slowly go upward.

3- Use of smooth hair products for oven hair

Products related to hair straightening for hair can give rough and violent hair. The oven hair is usually dry than smooth hair and the use of smooth hair products does not give enough moisture to these hair. As a result, the hair is more violent and fragile.

4- Use thickening products for ordinary hair

If you feel that after your hair bath is clean enough, you probably used the wrong technique. Instead of using heavy products for curly and curly hair, it is better to use ordinary products that have less chemicals. Each heavy product will definitely damage your hair.

5- Use softener before shampoo

Some beauty articles suggest that you use the softener before shampoo, but this will not be your desired result. If you shave the softener before shampoo, shampoo cannot remove the softener and remove your hair. As a result, hair will not be clean enough and fat remains on the scalp.

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