The Best Dry hair ideas

The Best Dry hair ideas

Dry and brittle hair may be caused by hair coloring, hairdressing, hair drying and ironing. Dry hair can lead to hair loss and dandruff. Hair dries out when it does not have enough moisture, resulting in brittleness and dullness. Dry hair can be caused by illness or malnutrition, overuse of hair products, over-washing of hair, exposure to chlorine water, and repeated use of hair dye.

Good hair care includes having a healthy diet, using quality products, and hair care based on hair type to prevent dry hair.

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Also, many simple home remedies can help treat dry hair and restore its health and shine.

Potential reasons for having dry hair are nervous anorexia, Excessive hair washing, use of strong hair dryers or products containing alcohol, Frequent blow-drying of hair, And a condition called Menx Curly Hair Syndrome, Suffering from malnutrition, Hypothyroidism and para-thyroidism.

Care and treatment of dry hair

Dry and brittle hair needs special care. Make your hair admirable with these treatments. One of the negative points of hot air is the drying property that it imposes on the hair. Hair dryness is treated by using tonic oils and rubbing them on the scalp.

Although a wide variety of oils can be used, olive oil is the most popular oil in the Mediterranean countries.

Native Americans also used jojoba ingredients extensively. Always keep in mind that when you use oil to strengthen your hair, it is dry; Because oil and water are insoluble, and water does not allow the oil to reach its benefits to the hair. Combine one or more toning oils and then use as follows: Comb the hair; the oil has a better effect on dry and freshly combed hair until the hair is freshly washed. Comb your hair thoroughly and cover your comb with a towel to prevent oil droplets from dripping.

Ten percent of hair is water. If the moisture content of the hair decreases, the hair naturally begins to absorb water. Moisturizers alone cannot return lost water to the hair. The best solution is to use natural fatty acids.

jojoba oil

Homemade products:

Put three tablespoons of olive oil, avocado oil and sunflower oil in a sealed container and place it in a bowl of boiling water for 2 minutes to heat. Then take it out of boiling water and completely dip your hair in it. Allow the oil to soak into the hair for a minute and soften it.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is a moisturizer for hair that can promote new hair growth. Dip your hair in half a cup of aloe vera extract and wash and shampoo after a few minutes.

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