Review of Mesotherapy (part 1)

Review of Mesotherapy (part 1)

Review of Mesotherapy (part 1)

In Mesotherapy, the drug is injected into different parts of the skin (face and hair). In fact, the drug is injected directly into the skin instead of being taken orally. This is an injectable treatment method that is used today in all parts of the world for beauty treatments.

Mesotherapy is the injection of biologically active substances, including a variety of vitamins, growth factors and drugs, into the skin.

Mesotherapy is used to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate blemishes caused by pregnancy, skin blemishes, skin lift, eliminate cellulite and excess fat, as well as treat hair loss.


Mesotherapy is used in various types of hair loss treatment for both men and women and is used to accelerate hair growth and strengthen hair, as well as to prevent hair loss.

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In addition to methods such as taking pills and drugs to prevent hair loss, meso treatment can be a good option and more effective because all the nutrients that enter the body orally can be entered through mesotherapy and by injection.  As a rule, treatment by injection is faster and will lead to better results.


* Treatment of cellulite and sagging skin of limbs and face

* Eliminates puffiness around the eyes and drooping eyelids

* Remove dark circles around the eyes

* Removes wrinkles under the chin and neck

* Treatment of striae (cracking of the skin after pregnancy)

* Hair loss treatment and hair strengthening

* Treatment of localized obesity of body, limbs and face

* Lifting facial skin (lifting) and treatment of sagging face

* Treatment of melasma and pregnancy blemishes or facial blemishes

It should be noted that mesotherapy treatment is mostly used for red and pink cracks.


The number of mesotherapy sessions is determined by the treating physician according to the case. Mesotherapy is commonly used as a complementary PRP treatment.

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