10 harmful habits that damage your hair

The rules of hair maintenance and care are very simple, but sometimes, we do things with our hair that have become a habit over time and cause a lot of damage to the hair. If you want to have thick and beautiful hair, you should leave these few harmful habits in hair care.

  1. Using old combs and brushes

One of the few bad habits in hair care is using old combs and brushes. Of course, it is not important that a comb or brush is old, but many people rarely wash combs and brushes. The tangled hair in the brush and the dirt that sticks to its teeth will make your hair more tangled and dirty sooner.

After each combing, clean it and remove the hair from the side of the teeth. Once a month, soak brushes and combs in a mixture of water and baking soda for a few minutes and then rinse. You can also use shampoo to wash the brush. Baking soda dissolves grease and care products left between the teeth of the brush and cleans it.

Brush cleaning is not limited to plastic and wooden brushes. If you have a heat brush, you should clean it as well. It is not possible to use only water and baking soda to clean the thermal brush. To clean these brushes, dip some cotton or a soft tissue in a mixture of water and baking soda, and then clean the teeth of the brush with it.

  1. Using hard and rough elastics

Many people still use stiff elastics to tie their hair. The best type of elastic for tying hair is an elastic that is covered with a fabric cover. Very strong and uncovered elastic bands damage the hair and creating frizz is one of their damages.

Instead of an elastic, you can use a clip to pull your hair back and tie it away from your face. Anything that pulls your hair can be damaging, so always try to tie your hair loosely, even with clips and other hair accessories.

  1. Excessive use of chemical products

Excessive use of many chemicals is not good for any body parts and hair is no exception. Hair is very sensitive and excessive use of products such as hair dye, keratin and other chemicals can cause frizz and hair damage.

Minimize the amount and frequency of using these substances as much as you can. Before doing things like keratin and hair color, have a hair care routine. This routine includes the use of strengthening shampoos, useful oils and scalp masks.

Do your research on all the beauty things that are done to your hair and the ingredients that are used in it. If it is not really necessary, skip doing them.

  1. Using a high heat hair dryer

Many of the tools we use to style our hair do so with high heat. High heat causes loss of natural hair moisture. Loss of hair moisture makes it dry and brittle and looks dull and dull. Hair dryness causes hair to lose its luster and attractiveness.

But sometimes we need to use hair styling tools. When using these devices, try not to raise their temperature too much. In fact, any temperature above the average temperature is too much for the hair. Heat is suitable for your hair so that your skin is not bothered by that heat.

If your hair is resistant to low heat and does not style quickly, you have no choice but to use high heat. In this case, be sure to use hair care products against heat before using hair dryers and conditioners. In general, the lower the heat, the better for your hair.

Let the hair dry and have only a little moisture and then use heat tools.

  1. Not using hair care products against heat

Sprays and products for hair care against heat can create a protective layer on the hair strands that prevents the hair from losing moisture. Even if you have healthy hair, use these protective sprays before using heat tools like hair dryers and conditioners.

Before using a hair dryer, hair iron, curling iron, etc., while your hair is slightly damp, spray these protective products on your hair from a distance of 30 cm. Make sure that all the parts of the hair that are going to be styled with a hair dryer or iron must be coated with the spray. Of course, you shouldn’t use it so much that your hair gets completely wet again.

  1. Leaving a long gap between each haircut

Trimming the frizz is something that we usually ignore, but the formation of frizz is a warning sign that says it’s time to cut the hair. Over time, if you leave them alone, they will grow deeper and longer, making the hair weak and thin.

To keep your hair healthy and beautiful, trim about two to three centimeters from the ends every month. If you want to grow your hair, do it once every two months. In any case, frizz gives your hair a bad look. So having long hair with a lot of frizz is not pretty, but a haircut will give it a new life.

  1. Improper combing of hair

Combing knotted hair from the roots down will damage the hair. To make it easier to comb the hair, divide it into three or four sections. Comb each strand from the bottom and little by little. First, comb the bottom five centimeters of hair and untie its knots. Go up little by little and finally, when all the knots are untied, comb the hair from top to bottom.

Before combing, hold each section of hair firmly with your hands and start combing from the bottom of your hands so that your hair does not get pulled.

  1. Strong combing of wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is more sensitive than ever and more prone to damage. If you want to detangle damp hair, use a wide-toothed comb. Take care of your hair when drying it with a towel. Massaging the hair with a towel causes frizz. Just put the towel on the hair and take it off and let most of the hair’s moisture dry in the open air.

  1. Using many products for hair care

One of several harmful habits in hair care that many people repeat is the use of numerous care products and in large quantities. Covering the hair strands with these products prevents the hair’s own natural moisture from protecting the hair strands. If you have thin hair, using these products too much will make your hair heavy and fall out. In fact, by overdoing the use of these products, especially oils, you will get negative results.

Choose one or two of the hair care products that your hair needs. For example, an anti-heat spray if you use a hair dryer a lot and a conditioning serum for the days when your hair gets frizzy and doesn’t look good.

  1. Not changing the shampoo in changing conditions

Many people think that they should constantly change their shampoo so that their hair is not resistant to a particular shampoo. But this way of thinking is not correct. Of course, you should change your shampoo, but only when the environmental conditions or your conditions have changed. For example, if you are moving from a wet environment to a dry environment or if you are pregnant and experiencing hair loss, maybe it is better to try a new shampoo for your new condition.

By leaving these few harmful habits in hair care, you can have healthier and more beautiful hair.



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