Tattoo skinning

Tattoo skinning

Sometimes some people tattoo a part of their body and regret it after their work, so they go to their tattoo artist and he covers the color of the tattoo with a light color that has heavy metals. Covering the tattoo with bright colors is called skinning or camouflage.

Skinning uses colors that are the same color as the skin, such as beige, skin, camouflage, and sometimes white, which we do not recommend because it does not match the color of the skin.

Tattoo skinning conditions

To cover the tattoo, the previous tattoo must be clear. If the previous color is too dark, the tattoo cannot be covered. If the tattoo artist does this, it will not be an interesting job at all and it will be an ugly cover.

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How to do tattoo skinning

A three-headed or single-headed needle should be used for skinning. For those who are new, it is better to use a three-headed needle. Skinning can be done after a quick tattoo. To do this, we combine the colors of camouflage, skin, and beige in harmony with the skin color of the person, and inject the lightened color into the tattooed skin in the form of impact and rotation, like tattoo color.

How to care for skinned skin

The skincare method that is done with skin and camouflage colors is the same as a normal tattoo.

Avoid makeup, going to the sauna, using a solarium for a month, and avoid swimming and direct sunlight, as it may have a negative and destructive effect on the skin color of the skin.

Do not remove the top layer of skin on which permanent makeup has been done because it causes discoloration and scarring.

Depending on the selected color, it is possible to change the color of permanent makeup in the first few days. These changes return to normal after the course of treatment if the person is properly cared.

Reddening of the skin color, the sensitivity of the skin to stretching, and slight swelling after skin reshaping is normal.

If you have any abnormal skin problems, you should see a doctor.

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