Mascara tips with Dakota Johnson

Mascara tips with Dakota Johnson

Mascara tips with Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson’s mascara tips and tricks

Dakota Johnson and I have a lot of interests. We both enjoy limes, shading our neighbors, huge diamonds, and strolling about in outfits that might double as pajamas, for example (the new day to night). Dakota Johnson showed me how to keep my eyelashes so long that they graze my brows.

Efficient eyelash serum

No, it’s not a miraculously efficient eyelash serum – this advice is all about getting results quickly. Johnson’s long-lash secret was originally revealed in 2017, when she said that her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, had picked up a brilliant tip during her time in the spotlight.

How to put mascara

She once saw me applying mascara and advised me that the best way to obtain the maximum coverage from the base of the lashes to the tips is to hold the mirror low and apply the mascara while gazing downward. Of course, she’s correct! She’s a legend! She’s a fucking movie star!

Mascara tips with Dakota Johnson

The mirror technique

I’ve been utilizing this information, dubbed “the mirror technique” by beauty journalists in the know, since that fateful day four years ago. Every day that I spend the twenty seconds to put on mascara while looking down, I’m left with lashes that are fluttery, long, and thick, thanks to the greatest mascara I’ve ever discovered, Kosas Mascara.

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No bueno

I’ve been writing about and evaluating cosmetic products for the past six years, so I’ve tested hundreds of mascaras, ranging from the cheapest drugstore finds to those costing over $40. In that time, I’ve learned about some of the substances you don’t want near your eyes, whether it’s because they irritate your eyes or because they employ petrochemical wastes, which contribute to the fossil fuel industry. It’s not looking good.

Kosas mascara

So it was a bright spot in a gloomy period when Kosas, a clean cosmetic company, debuted its first mascara last August. The method goes beyond not including a ton of filler and instead depends on chemicals that help your lashes grow while also transforming them into the extensions-style lashes you’ve always wanted, but without the long-term harm.

Kosas mascara; Chunky and brightly pink

Kosas mascara, as the name suggests, deviates from the brand’s typical minimalist packaging with a brightly pink, hefty tube that’s simple to spot in your cosmetic bag.

Mascara tips with Dakota Johnson

Castor oil and provitamin B5

Because the curved wand inside lifts lashes as it applies the product, you may skip the curling stage without sacrificing the eye-opening effect. Castor oil, famous for its use in Rogaine for brows, provitamin B5, and a tripeptide that the brand claims encourages fuller hair are among the notable components.

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Grazing eyelashes

The mix of hydrating panthenol, jojoba esters, and glycerin produces a mascara that never clumps or flakes and keeps my brow-grazing lashes intact until I eventually wipe my eyes for five minutes after gazing at the computer all day (not its fault).

Dakota Johnson’s advice has never been more useful

I inadvertently clipped the tips of few eyelashes when trimming my brow transplant while gazing directly in the mirror a few months ago (RIP). I hardly noticed a change after adding The Big Clean into my regimen, and they were back to normal in about a month. Dakota Johnson’s advice has never been more useful, especially now that over-the-mask eyelashes have become a trend.

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