From causes to ways to treat purulent acne (part2)

causes of acne

From causes to ways to treat purulent acne (part2)

Neck pimples

What are the causes of pimples on the neck?

Acne mainly affects the hair follicles. They do not usually appear on the surface but are around it. Multiple pimples usually indicate acne, which is the most common skin problem for people. A variety of reasons may increase the closure of these pores.

Home and herbal remedies for acne

Includes the following:

Sit regularly face with lukewarm water and soap

Rough skin peels

Scratches on the skin

Disorders of hormones, especially during menopause


Heavy make-up or lotions

Creams and sunscreens that close the pores of the skin

Use products with artificial fragrances

Use of skin irritants and harsh chemicals

Use rough collars

Sit the hair enough

Use of special medications

Cause of neck acne

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Some risk factors for these neck rashes include:

Touching the scalp a lot and rubbing it on the neck, especially unwashed hair

Exercise equipment that covers the neck and puts pressure on it, such as helmets.

Not enough to clean the neck after exercise and sweating

Dirty clothes that are connected to the neck

Use old razors to shave

Do not use shaving cream

Do not peel properly after shaving

Necklaces that are allergenic, especially those made of plastic, metal, and plants

Rough cloth clothes

Too tight clothes that do not allow the skin to breathe

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