Changing Cosmetics : Why Is It So Important?

Changing Cosmetics: Why Is It So Important?

Many women do not pay attention to this issue, but cosmetics have an expiration date. It is not clear how long you can keep your cosmetics before changing, but for health reasons, any items in your cosmetic bag should be replaced after a while.

Concealer and foundation for liquid makeup

These materials should ideally be replaced every six months. Also, make sure that your makeup foundation is not too thick. If so, it means it is time to change it.

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Liquid mascara and eyeliner

These are the accessories of the main makeup that you should be aware of. Both mascara and eyeliner can be an ideal base for mass production. For this reason, it is better to change them every 3 months. Otherwise, they may lead to redness and swelling of the eye.

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Lipstick is one of the least disturbing ingredients. Can be replaced once a year. Of course, most women finish their lipstick before one year anyway.

It is important to throw away any cosmetics that you feel have a strange smell or appearance. Be sure to write down the time of purchase of each product to know when it is time to replace them.

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