What is an eyelash lift? Everything about the durability and side effects of eyelash lift

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Many women are looking for ways to make their eyelashes look thicker and longer. Some of these methods, such as using mascara, are only cosmetic and temporary; Others, like eyelash implantation and eyelash extension, have side effects. Today, a method called eyelash lift is introduced by beauty experts. In most cases, the lift does not have any side effects and also strengthens the roots of the eyelashes.

There are many drugstore products to condition eyelashes. But most women are looking for longer lasting methods. Eyelash lift is a semi-permanent and non-damaging procedure. By styling the eyelashes, the shape of the eyes can be seen better. For this reason, there is no need to use mascara. Using mascara for a long time causes damage to eyelashes, and lifting is a good alternative to it. Every year, the demand for lift and laminate in beauty clinics increases.

Some people think that eyelash lifting is a simple procedure and you can trust any cosmetic doctor to do it. But the lift, like other beauty procedures, requires experience and skill. If the lift is done properly and properly, it is relatively safe. But if the lift chemicals are too much on the eyelashes, it will cause breakage and damage to the eyelashes. It is also possible that the color used for eyelashes can lead to allergies or irritation of the skin around the eyes if it comes into contact with the skin.

What is an eyelash lift?

Eyelash lift is a new technique that makes the eyelashes gain volume and shape in a completely natural way. The esthetician uses a silicone layer around the eyes. This protector prevents the lift material from coming into contact with the skin surface. You may imagine that the lift is painful when you see the pictures of this process. But don’t worry about that; Because no harm will come to you. All you have to do during lifting is to keep your eyes closed. Eyelash lifting takes between 45 and 60 minutes.

Many women are satisfied with the results after the lift and do not use mascara until the lift lasts. But some people tend to have longer eyelashes. In this case, there is no obstacle to using mascara.

Steps of eyelash lift and lamination

Before the eyelash lift, the beautician will have a consultation with you to find the eyelash model you want. Then, according to your answers, the size of the silicone layer and the amount of conditioning the eyelashes will be determined. Also, the specialist can create a color, which makes the eyelashes look darker and thicker. It depends on your opinion, whether you want the eyelashes to be completely natural or to create a more dramatic look.

To perform eyelash lift and lamination, the specialist doctor first asks you to lie down on the bed. During the lift, your eyes should be closed. Except for the closed eyes, you don’t feel anything unpleasant. To start the lift, the area around the eyes is cleaned and a silicone layer is placed on the eyelids using glue. Then the eyelashes are separated with a special brush and lifting lotion is applied on them. This lotion stays on the eyelashes for 6 to 12 minutes. The eyelashes are stuck on the silicone protector and are shaped by doing the next steps.

In the next step, a stabilizing solution and keratin are used. This stabilizing solution increases the durability of eyelashes. The beautician can also use color to make the eyelashes look black. In the last step, a layer of pure keratin is applied to the eyelashes, which has the task of hydrating the eyelashes.

How long does eyelash lift last?

The durability of eyelash lift depends on various factors. But it usually lasts about 6 to 8 weeks. In this method, like other beauty methods, the results may vary from person to person. Some physical activities, such as swimming, make the lift last longer. It is also not recommended to use waterproof mascaras during this period. If the duration of the lift is less than 8 weeks, you are limited to repair it. Repair of the lift should be done at least 6 weeks after the first lift.

What are the important points before eyelash lift and lamination?

  • Before going to the beauty clinic and doing a facelift, you must remove your makeup completely.
  • If you wear contact lenses, remove them from your eyes before the lift.
  • It is recommended not to use mascara, especially waterproof mascaras, at least 3 days before the lift. Because the possibility of mascara remaining on the eyelashes is high, and this makes the eyelashes not stick well on the silicone layer.

What is the care after eyelash lift?

The most important issue after eyelash lift is that the eyelashes should not get wet for 24 hours. The care of the first 24 hours is very important in the effectiveness of the lift. During this time, you must observe the following points.

  • Eyelashes must be completely dry and without makeup.
  • Avoid using any lotions or creams that contain oil.
  • Avoid heavy exercise or any activity that causes sweating.
  • Do not use the sauna.
  • After 24 hours, you can take a bath and use any cosmetics. Some beauty experts recommend to use a strengthening serum or coconut oil every morning and evening after 48 hours to make the lift last longer.

In general, observe the following:

  • Do not use waterproof mascara.
  • Do not use the format.
  • Do not rub your eyes.

What are the advantages of eyelash lift and lamination compared to eyelash implantation and extension and other methods?

Lash lift and lamination does almost no harm to eyelashes compared to eyelash implantation and extension. For this reason, it has gained many fans. The effectiveness and durability of eyelash lift varies from person to person. But its benefits are pleasant for many women. Some of its advantages are:

  • You will not feel any pain during the lift.
  • There are almost no risks and complications.
  • You can skip the use of mascara.
  • It is a cost-effective method.
  • It lasts between 6 and 8 weeks.
  • You can renew the lift every 6 weeks without any problems.

What are eyelash lift ingredients?

In the lift, different solutions and lotions are used to condition the eyelashes. The 3 main chemicals in eyelash lift are:

Perm lotion

This lotion softens the eyelashes and helps to condition them. It usually contains polyacrylamide, thioglycolic acid, propylene glycol, methylparaben, purified water and monoethanolamine.

Stabilizing solution

It stabilizes the curl of eyelashes for a long time. It contains sodium bromate, polyacrylamide, polysorbate, purified water, propylene glycol and methyl paraben.


Color is used to darken the eyelashes. This material should be hypoallergenic. Approved colors do not contain formaldehyde and paraben.

For which people is eyelash lift suitable?

If you have short eyelashes, eyelash lift is a good option for you. Because the lift helps to make the eyelashes look longer. Also, if you like your natural eyelashes and just want your eyes to look better, you can try lift and laminate.

Many women do not want to use mascara every day. But they want the eyelashes to look good in their natural state. We recommend these people to have a consultation with a cosmetic doctor to perform a lift. Some people have straight eyelashes or eyelashes that grow downward. By doing a lift, a big difference is created in the eyelashes and it helps to make the eyes look more open and younger.

Which people should not do eyelash lift?

The risks and side effects of eyelash lifting are very low. But to be sure, you should consult your cosmetologist and talk to him about your allergies and the medications you use. If any of the options in the list below apply to you, be sure to discuss this with your doctor before the lift.

  • eye infection
  • Eye disorders
  • Eye surgery related to recent months
  • Allergy to a specific product
  • High eye sensitivity
  • Inflammation around the eyes
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Use of medicated eye drops
  • Pregnancy (many doctors do not recommend lifting for pregnant women).
  • The use of thyroxine-related drugs (in some cases, it can prevent eyelash growth).

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