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 What you need to know about double chin treatments

 What you need to know about double chin treatments

What you need to know about double chin treatments

When it comes to aging, the double chin and neck area are the first areas that show signs of aging. In some cases, facial fat accumulates more under the throat. Accumulation of excess fat and creating a double chin changes the shape of the face, as a result of which the person thinks of a suitable solution to eliminate the double chin. In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about double chin treatments

What you need to know about double chin treatments

Double chin treating methods

If you have a double chin and are looking for a way to treat it, you need to know the different methods. There is no specific method for removing a double chin, but surgeons use a combination of different methods to treat a double chin.

Here’s everything you need to know about double chin removal methods. The double chin surgery method is selected according to the quality of the skin and the person’s expectations.

Lipomatic neck to treat double chin

Those who are between 20 and 50 years old and have elastic (elastic) skin, it is better to do lipomatic neck. In lipomatic neck method, excess neck fat is removed.

What is double chin liposuction like?

In the double chin lipomatic method, a narrow tube called a cannula is inserted into the skin through a small hole under the chin, and with the physical blows of the surgeon, the fat is crushed and emptied from under the skin.

The surgeon first magically identifies the areas for the canola to enter. These areas may vary from person to person. The skin is then cleansed with disinfectant solutions to reduce the risk of bacteria and infections. General anesthesia or local anesthesia is chosen according to the individual’s wishes. The doctor concentrates on the amount of fat drained so that the symmetry and balance of the face shape does not change. Finally, a dressing is applied, which is accompanied by a chin strap to maintain the skin during healing.

 What you need to know about double chin treatments

Neck lift surgical procedure to treat double chin

In neck lift surgery, it can remove the sagging skin under the throat.

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Comparison of double chin lipomat and skin lift

At older ages, your surgeon may perform both double chin and skin lift procedures at the same time. Both of these procedures are possible with general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Lipomatic recovery period is less than lift.

If the weight is constant, the double chin lipomatic result will be permanent. But the result of a neck lift depends on the quality of the person’s skin and the surgeon’s performance.

Gel injection to treat double chin

In some cases, when the amount of double chin is low and the person does not have sagging skin, this condition can be improved by injecting chin gel.

Submentoplasty to treat double chin

Other methods of double chin surgery include submentoplasty. After draining the neck fat, this operation makes small incisions to tighten the muscles.

In any case, your doctor should examine the skin of your face and neck before taking any action.

 What you need to know about double chin treatments

Complications of double chin surgery

In any surgery, when a foreign instrument enters the body, there are many risks. The preoperative surgeon will fully explain everything to you. Among the risks of double chin surgery are the following:

Asymmetry of facial features


Complications of anesthesia, such as respiratory problems


Nerve damage

Wounds and swelling

Treat double chin with mesotherapy

Removal of fat cells accumulated in the double chin area is also possible using mesotherapy. Double chin mesotherapy is less invasive than the said surgeries. In this method, fat-burning substance is injected into the injection site for several consecutive sessions, reducing and destroying fat cells. The broken down fat cells leave the body through the lymph.

Feeling of pain in mesotherapy

Although mesotherapy is not a painful procedure, for some people it may feel uncomfortable, so before the injection, the entire double chin area must be completely anesthetized with anesthetic ointment.

Duration of double chin mesotherapy

Observing the results of each double chin mesotherapy session takes about a month, which is usually done in a 4-session period with an interval of one month. Double chin removal mesotherapy also helps to improve the quality of the skin tissue in that area. After double chin mesotherapy, it is better to increase the amount of water you drink than before.

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Eliminate double chin with RF

Creating heat and sending radio waves in the double chin area helps to accumulate and remove excess fat. To use radio frequency waves, two Midas RF devices (with two monopolar and bipolar handpieces) and Venus Viva RF device are prepared, which you will see amazing and quite effective results from these devices with several consecutive and weekly sessions. . This procedure uses an ultrasound gel to allow radio waves to reach the layer of fat that has accumulated beneath the skin’s surface, destroying it due to heat.

Duration of double chin RF

The duration of double chin RF is about 25 to 30 minutes and after that you can continue your daily activities.

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