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Injecting fat into the smile line or the same laugh (part2)

Injecting fat

Benefits of fat injection

The fat taken from one’s own body is replaced by “similar to similar” unlike skin fillers. As a result, the likelihood of allergic reactions to foreign substances is reduced. The results of fat injections are lasting, safe, and natural. Fat transfer and injection is a non-invasive way to achieve facial rejuvenation.

The importance of fat injection in the operating room

Among the materials used to fill lines or fillers, fat is a very good option, which is a safe method without significant complications. The only problem that may rarely occur is asymmetry and the need for repair, which is not a significant and irreparable complication. To inject fat, fat is removed from the body and must be washed properly to achieve the desired result.

Injecting fat into the smile line or the same laugh (part2)

In general, if the fat preparation process is not done properly, the fat cells will be destroyed, so there will be no difference after the injection. Usually, people who do this injection on an outpatient basis and in the office have this problem. Therefore, the fat injection should be done in the operating room with complete anesthesia facilities so that the patient can take the necessary fat and inject it into the skin with equipped devices, after preparing the fat.

Talk to your doctor about the advantages and disadvantages mentioned before performing the fat transfer.

Who is a good candidate for fat injection?

The purpose of fat transfer and transplantation is to add and fill parts that are small or incomplete in volume, including the hands, face, chest, buttocks, or indentations. Of course, one must have donor sites from which fat can be harvested. To lose fat, one should not have problems such as smoking and disease.

Fat injection in the form of:

If your face has dents such as laugh lines, smile lines, and crow’s paws, fat can be removed from the abdomen, thighs, or other parts and injected. With this method, pimples and sunken parts of the lips face, and cheeks can also be filled. A plastic surgeon can minimize wrinkles on the nose and mouth, forehead wrinkles, and skin by using fat injections. You can decide to choose this method by using pictures or videos taken before and after the patients.

Complications of fat injection

Several injection sessions may be needed to add some parts of the body, such as the chest or buttocks.

Compared to other pre-packaged skin filler methods, it takes a long time to prepare the adipose tissue before transferring it.

Fat transfer and injection last longer than dermal fillers. However, you have to pay more to do this.

Gel or fat injection; which method is less harmful?

In the fat injection method, because fat is removed from the body itself, the body does not react to it because it does not consider it a foreign substance.

To use the fat method, first, a superficial surgery is performed to extract the fat, and then fat is injected into the desired areas, so it costs more but is less harmful to the body.

The gel is a foreign substance in the body that may cause allergies in some people. For this reason, the gel injection must be done very carefully.

People should choose one of these two methods according to their specific physical conditions and characteristics and their expected results. For example, those who do not want any effect of the injection on the skin and have predictable results can use a gel or filler. Also, people who want to reduce the fat accumulated in one part and bear less risk can use the fat injection method.

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