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Important points about paraffin therapy

points about paraffin therapy

Before undergoing paraffin therapy, make sure that the equipment used is disposable and hygienic.

The normal size for paraffin therapy is to use one layer of paraffin on the skin, but sometimes paraffin therapy recognizes that several layers of paraffin are needed to achieve the desired result.

Before doing paraffin therapy, be sure to consult a dermatologist and beauty and ask the right time to do it so that paraffin therapy has a greater impact on your skin.

Important points about paraffin therapy

To prevent damage to the hands during paraffin therapy, usually after placing warm paraffin on the hands, a warm towel or a plastic glove is used so that after cooling, it can be easily removed from the hands and the softness of the hands to bring with you.

Paraffin should be used softly and cream-like so that it is easily placed on the skin and absorbed.

After the end of paraffin therapy, you should wash your hands, remove excess paraffin material from the nails and treat the nails with a razor and varnish.

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Avoid paraffin therapy in non-standard centers that do not have the necessary health permits.

Paraffin Therapy Tips

How to use paraffin wax for paraffin therapy at home?

To do paraffin therapy at home, you need the following equipment:

About two kilograms of paraffin wax

Two pots that fit together or a paraffin therapy device

Measurement module

Mineral oil

Oily plastic container


Olive oil

Plastic bag

Towel or handle



Soft paper towels

You can also buy a paraffin bathtub. This device minimizes the required accessories.

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