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 How to have white teeth with Coconut oil pulling?

 How to have white teeth with Coconut oil pulling?

How to have white teeth with Coconut oil pulling?

It is possible to whiten and brighten the teeth with coconut oil, which is possible by rubbing it on the teeth. We are all aware of the benefits of coconut oil for skin and hair and it has been used in beauty products for many years. But the effects of coconut oil do not end here and can be used to whiten teeth and for dental health. In this article, we will tell you how to have white teeth with Coconut oil pulling.

Can coconut oil help whiten our teeth?

Coconut oil is not only a very nutritious and delicious alternative to butter, but it can also help whiten your teeth. Many people claim that coconut oil for teeth can help brighten your smile, but for some, the question is, is this method just an ineffective home remedy? Or is there research and scientific support behind this claim?

white teeth with Coconut oil

The fact is that a number of studies have been conducted to prove the claim that teeth can be whitened with coconut oil, and it has been concluded that this oil can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth. When the bacteria are killed, many oral problems are eliminated or the disease is prevented. One of the main benefits of killing bacteria is teeth whitening. Accordingly, those who say that coconut oil has the ability to whiten teeth are absolutely right.

Coconut has antimicrobial properties

Coconut oil naturally has antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which means it will help protect you against viruses that work inside your mouth.

 How to have white teeth with Coconut oil pulling?

How is coconut oil used to whiten teeth?

There are several ways to take advantage of the teeth whitening properties with coconut oil. You can use the oil alone or in combination with several other active ingredients. Here are three proven ways to use coconut oil to brighten your teeth.

Use a combination of coconut oil and baking soda to brighten teeth

If you want to make a homemade toothpaste with coconut oil, you can mix baking soda and some other things to help clean your teeth effectively. One of the ingredients that you can consider to make this toothpaste is coconut oil, which works wonders along with baking soda. To do this, you need half a cup of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of baking soda, then follow these steps:

Melt the coconut oil

Mix it with baking soda

Pour the mixture into a glass jar and allow to cool

After cooling, just pour some paste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth.

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Use coconut oil to whiten teeth without mixing with other ingredients

In addition to the above method, it is also possible to apply or add coconut oil directly to the teeth. Of course, you should be careful to apply coconut oil to the teeth with a minimum of additives. With the help of the following 3 steps, you can help whiten your teeth.

Put 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and let it melt in your mouth.

Swirl the oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes and hold.

Remove the oil from your mouth and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

 How to have white teeth with Coconut oil pulling?

Benefits of teeth whitening with coconut oil

The following are some of the disadvantages and advantages of using coconut oil for teeth, which is worth reading.

Reduces the risk of gingivitis or gum infection

If you regularly whiten your teeth with coconut oil, you can greatly help reduce the risk of infection and gum disease or gingivitis. Gingivitis causes the gums to become inflamed, swollen, and tender to the touch, and if left untreated, can lead to serious oral health problems.

Helps to repair teeth

If we find the tooth cavity too soon, we can do something to repair the cavity naturally. Teeth whitening with coconut oil, using this oil to help prevent cavities or repair teeth.

Prevents tooth decay

Coconut oil is very good for tooth decay because it can help kill the bacteria that cause cavities. Using this oil along with antibacterial mouthwashes can have the best results and prevent cavities for a long time.

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Eliminates bad breath

Coconut oil for teeth also helps reduce possible bad breath. This oil works exactly like a natural and healthy mouthwash and is able to increase the production and secretion of saliva. The more saliva is produced, the more effective the body odor will be, because one of the reasons for bad breath is the dryness of the interior.

Disadvantages of teeth whitening with coconut oil

If you accidentally swallow coconut oil and it gets into your airways, it can cause shortness of breath, and in rare cases, pneumonia or pneumonia. For this reason, children or those who may swallow the oil should not use coconut to whiten their teeth. In addition, if you swallow too much coconut oil, you may experience stomach pain.

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