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Gluconolactone Properties and features


Gluconolactone Properties and features

Glucono delta lactone or Gluconolactone is also known as GDL for short. This substance is used in food grade with E575 index as one of the food additives in food production industries.

Properties and features

This material is in the form of white crystalline powder and Bon Bo. In the table below, you can see some of the properties and characteristics of this product.


Gluconolactone is a lactone or oxidized derivative of glucose. It is a type of polyhydroxy acid (PHA) that is able to chelate metals. It may also act by combining free radicals, thereby protecting the skin from some of the harmful effects of UV rays. Glucono delta lactone is a 1 and 5-molecular cyclic ester of D-gluconic acid. In aqueous media, the equilibrium is hydrolyzed by a mixture of D-gluconic acid (55% -66%) and delta- and gamma lactones.


Gluconal actone is used in the food industry as a separating agent regulating food acidity. It is a lactone of D-gluconic acid. This substance is used in the market for the production of feta cheese. Glucono delta lactone is neutral but when dissolved in water it is hydrolyzed to gluconic acid which is an acidic substance. And this substance is used to create a sour taste in food products.

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As a milk gel

It is mostly used in the production of yogurt or cheese. In industrial applications, the resistance of the milk gel caused by acidification with GDL is almost twice that of the fermentation type. The amount of gel in milk is about 0.025% to 1.5% to meet the needs of the product. The pH of curd and cow’s milk gel are made at 30 ° C if added with 3%, they have a similar structure to the gel produced by lactic acid fermentation.

As a quality improver in the production of salami and meat products

The use of GDL in the production and processing of meat and canned food can improve the color, thereby reducing the use of toxic sodium nitrite, and GDL also has emulsifying properties, antiseptic effect, etc., and thus the quality of meat improves canning. The maximum dose for use in meat products is 0.3%. This substance is used in the preparation and production of processed meats such as dried sausages.

A combination of Gluconolactone and benzoate, sodium is a broad-spectrum water-soluble preservative that also improves moisture. This substance is widely used in makeup, especially compact powders. Compatible with the most common compounds including cationic, anionic and non-ionic surfactants.

It is stable in pH range from 3 to 7 and at high temperatures. It can be added to the water phase at room temperature as well as at higher temperatures. This substance is used in products in the amount of 1 to 2%. Also suitable for eco-labels.

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